Illamasqua: Makeup Collections

I am so impressed by Illamasqua and their team of Makeup Artists.  These guys are master face painters.  Look at the russet orange shading around the lips and mouth that give a slightly aged broken down effect?  They did their homework with these looks.   Brilliant!

I think they borrowed elements of Stacie McKenzie’s looks to grow this concept.  I love those freckles!

Stacie McKenzie


Stacie - Doll like makeup


Yes, the makeup is slightly uncomfortable to look at (it kind of has a dilapidated doll from a horror movie movie vibe going on) but it’s technically brilliant.   I so appreciate them churning out new thought provoking visuals each campaign.  It really inspires ME as an artist to see new concepts fleshed out like this.   They really are all about nurturing creativity.


Plus this:

Equals this:

I LOVE Illamasqua and so wish they were available in Canada.  They’re a makeup line after a Makeup Artists own heart.


I’m loving the multi-colored nails and tips!  I’ve been seeing this look a lot on the runway and I’m a huge fan.


This new collection will be available on by March 10th 2011.   Will you be purchasing any products or are you content to admire the creepy visuals?



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