Peter John Reid – Colour Mixing Class Review


Filling out a colour chart

I just finished a 3-day colour mixing class in Orangeville Ontario, hosted by the Maggiolly Art store  and taught by artist Peter John Reid.   It was fantastic and in my opinion a must for any artist.  Peter is an expert in colour and his breadth of knowledge is impressive.

Before his class, I was operating on instinct alone,  putting together colours that I intuitively thought went well together.  Now I am armed with new knowledge about colour harmony and mixing, with a better understanding as to why stuff does or doesn’t work.  I can’t wait to apply my new skills to my next painting.


Peter John Reid – Colour Mixing Class


Colour mixing can be frustrating.  I was ok when we only had to combine two colours, but when we were working with three at once, plus white, things got tricky.  At one point I wanted to impale myself on my brush, but Peter patiently helped me figure out where I was going wrong (several times.)  He has a great sense of humour and I laughed along with the rest of the class the whole way through, which made learning fun.


Learning how to use red and blue (purple) to desaturate yellow – it’s harder than it looks!


With only 9 colours we learned how to mix any color under the sun.  This is going save me money, will simplify my palette and will lighten my load significantly when painting outside.

In the past, I found mixing greens and vibrant purples tricky.  I never could quite desaturate and vary my greens enough so that they looked natural, or amp up my purples to achieve a clean hue that popped.  Now it’s (almost) effortless.  Thanks ,Peter!


How to paint with Acrylics – Revised and Expanded by Peter John Reid


You need to buy his book if you’re going to take his colour mixing class.  In my opinion, it is a must have for any artist.  It is the best book on colour and acrylics that I have ever read.  Not only does it go into great detail about color and mixing, but it is chock full of painting tips and techniques.  If you can’t take his class, consider ordering his book:  “How to paint with Acrylics.”  You won’t be disappointed.


Mixing Greens!


He currently has two online instructional videos you can buy.  One is on painting reflections and the other teaches you how to paint trees.   I’m going to go and purchase them now and I can do a separate review afterwards if anyone is interested.


Peter’s art from a previous class


As you can tell, I thoroughly enjoyed myself during his Colour Mixing Class and I hope to be able to take some of his other classes later on this year.  If Peter is offering a class in your neck of the woods (he’s in Ontario,Canada) you should consider signing up.


Exploring colour saturation – A painting I did during Peter’s class


Check out my artwork at:

Disclaimer:  I paid for this class with my own money.  Peter doesn’t know that I am writing this review.  All thoughts expressed here reflect my own unbiased opinions.



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