Oh Christmas Tree…

How lovely are thy branches...
How lovely are thy branches…

Christmas at my house: it has always been a magical, memory making experience.  Nothing has changed now that it’s 2012; we are still filled with just as much enthusiasm for the holidays as ever.   I personally was satisfied with vacuuming the carpet, lighting a cinnamon candle, and then playing a Christmas CD, but friends and family wanted more.  I aim to please, so no expense was spared this year as we thoroughly decked the halls, thought of loved ones, and uncorked a bottle of Christmas cheer.

The blaze of glory!
The blaze of glory!

As the finishing touches were festooned around the tree, I was awed when an angel fluttered around my ankles and then alighted upon the tree’s upper branches.   When he cast his penetrating gaze in my direction, I swear I could hear harps and high pitched singing.  Momentarily, I glimpsed the blazing glory of the heavens, shining out from his eyes and my soul felt cleansed.

Angels we have heard on high.
The holy light of the heavens!

Don’t be jealous.  I am sure the angles are watching out for you and yours this Christmas too.  I was just lucky enough to glimpse one.  I definitely think surviving the Apocalypse has changed things in my life for the better.

It really comes alive in the dark.
It really comes alive in the dark.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Meghan 😉


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  1. Pete says:

    Ha ha ha. Happy holidays.

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