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Miira View Frame Review

Mirra View Frame Review Continue reading

Worlds Best Art Mannequin

An artists guide to the best art mannequin Continue reading

Does Katy Perry Look like ME?

Does Katy Perry look like ME? Well? Look-A-Like? Over the past year, tonnes of people have stopped me on the street and in malls saying that I look like Katy Perry.  It’s getting crazy.  I get frequent comments from friends on Facebook, reiterating the same thing.    It seems like every few days someone mentions this … Continue reading

Bra and Panty Combo Fail

I wasn’t having much luck finding cute bras online, so I decided to do a quick scan of Etsy.com, to see what was available in the handmade department.  As luck would have it, I stumbled across a few gems.  Observe. For a mere $70.00, this too can be yours: I hate to break it to … Continue reading

Caribbean blogger

Just to update everyone, I successfully made the move to the island of Grenada.  Sorry I haven’t updated my blog in a few weeks, but I was busy packing up my things in Canada, shipping items and getting ready to country hop.  Check out the view from my new home.  This is what I see … Continue reading

Victoria’s Secret Self Esteem Sapping Show

The other day, my self esteem was kind of riding high, so I decided to watch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show, to bring me back down to reality.  Thud.  It totally worked – nothing makes you feel inferior like a pack of thin, toned, leggy amazons with big boobs.   (How is that even genetically possible?) … Continue reading

Oh Christmas Tree…

Christmas at my house: it has always been a magical, memory making experience.  Nothing has changed now that it’s 2012; we are still filled with just as much enthusiasm for the holidays as ever.   I personally was satisfied with vacuuming the carpet, lighting a cinnamon candle, and then playing a Christmas CD, but friends … Continue reading

The One Ring

Several years ago, while watching The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, I became seduced by the notion of a magical ring that inspired slavish devotion in its wearer.   I too wanted a ring I could cradle and rock, call “my precious” and croon nonsensically to in a cave somewhere.   The ring seemed like a lot … Continue reading

The Mayan Apocalypse – A Survivor’s Story

I woke up this morning, after sleeping in, and was pleasantly surprised to be alive.  I made it through the Mayan Apocalypse unscathed!  End of Days?  Pfft.  Please.  I’ve been high fiving people for hours.  Not sure how the rest of the world fared, but Canada (the land of the virtuous) seems to be okay.  … Continue reading

How To Trap a Cat (pet friendly)

Cats are fickle little creatures, tolerating human love and affection on their own terms.  Ever tried to hug (or sometimes just pet) an unwilling cat?  Just the once, you’re thinking, right?  Yeah, me too.  If they weren’t all made so damn cute and snugly looking! <sigh> Today I hit upon the perfect solution.  If you … Continue reading

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