Ring? Word.

Word rings are seriously helping me on my journey towards enlightenment.  Ok, maybe that’s a tad too much praise to heap upon a ring, but they sure are useful as sign posts, to use along the journey.  I’ve been into the whole Zen/mindfulness thing lately, but it’s hard to remember to stay present and removed from the constant chatter of the mind.  With a few select phrases wrapped around my fingers, just a glance at my hand calls me into the present moment.  It’s the cosmic prod I need to be in the here and now, now.

I first stumbled across word/poesy rings when reading a feature on Kathryn Riechert (Jewelry designer) on Etsy.com.  After graduating from art school, she found herself forced to work long grueling hours as a waitress.  This unwelcome diversion left her very little time to be creative and delve into her craft.   To lift her spirits and help remind herself of who she was, she came up with two inspirational rings (see below) which read, “I am an artist” and “Not a waitress!” (Whoot, whoot!  Power to the people!)

I am an artist ... not a waitress.
I am an artist.  Not a waitress!

As luck would have it, she was ultimately able to leave the restaurant business behind and follow her bliss, as many people approached her, wanting similarly inspiring rings for themselves.  The original rings were passed on to another individual (talk about postive Karma in action), in the hopes that they too would be helped by the phrases.

Poesy rings
My custom poesy rings

Before writing this article, I purchased two word rings for myself.  I went with a thin banded, thicker ring style, with rounded edges ($36.00 U.S. each, plus $4.00 shipping).  You can include up to 36 characters total, per ring.  Kathryn calls these the “Smooth like butter” rings.   They are more substantial than their thinner counterparts , yet are surprisingly streamlined and comfortable to wear.   The stamped words are tiny; small enough that people can’t read the phrases unless they get up close,  which appeals to me, as my messages are personally meaningful and not necessarily for display.   I was so impressed by the quality of the finished product that I decided to feature her work on my blog.

I think these poesy word rings would make very unique and heartfelt gifts for people at Christmas (or any occasion really).  She offers many different styles to choose from, so there is something for everyone.   Want a ring with larger more visible letters?  Check out the original version here.  Once you can figure out the recipients finger size (check out the video above for a tip on how to do so) you can surprise them with a meaningful personalized phrase that they can carry around with them to provide comfort, motivation or inspiration.

I am very impressed with the quality of the rings I purchased.  They are expertly finished and look gorgeous in person.  My photos aren’t doing them justice.  Other people have popped up on Etsy selling something similar, but I really think her product stands out because of the attention to detail and finishing.  The letters are nice and deep so they won’t be buffed away by polishing, there are no joining seams, and the whole ring is balanced and flawless.

I’m glad I own some of her work.  Before I hit the “publish” button on this article, I’m zipping over to her store to order myself a few more custom creations!  You guys can line up behind me. 😉  Don’t forget to plan ahead – it took just shy of three weeks for my rings to be finished and then mailed out to me, so I imagine the wait will only get longer during busy holidays.


Disclaimer:  I purchased my rings from Katheryn with my own money.  She had no idea I was writing an article about her, until I approached her for an interview.   The opinions expressed are my own and totally unbiased.


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  1. Ellen says:

    I love browsing around Etsy and have many favorite artists and designers there; and I commend you for promoting handmade goods for the season. The public sometimes needs reminded that there are options to mass merchandising; we sellers need all the help we can get – and seriously, who wouldn’t want to own a one of a kind piece of work?
    I’m not familiar with Katheryn’s work but am making a beeline to her shop right now! Beautiful work.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Ellen. I love shopping on Etsy as there is such a wide range of unusual treasures to be had there. I will try to make a point of featuring more Etsy Artist (as my budget allows) on my blog in the future. 🙂

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