Fiver – what would YOU do for five bucks?

Writing is my passion.  Seriously, I can’t get enough of it.  I’d be happy if I could sit in my office, engrossed in the creative process, from dawn till dusk, but employers usually want me to perform other tedious tasks, which wither a small part of my soul.

Dignity for sale!
Dignity for sale!

Just the other day, someone in my family whispered the word “Fiver,” into my ear.  Apparently, it’s a unique new website, featuring an array of rugged individuals, highlighting what they’re each willing to do for five bucks (i.e a “Fiverr”) .

What amazed me the most is how cheap dignity and integrity can be sold for.  (See the gig up above.)  There are tones of people willing to provide you with fake video testimonial and review services, all for a fiver.  I’ll leave it up to you to debate the ethics this.  (Incidentally, my Grandmother thinks it’s all fine, so who am I to gainsay her?)

Writing category on

They have a writing category, thank God (insert “Halleluiah” music here) and an active community of wordsmiths, all touting their wares.  I dove in to scope out my competition and felt instantly reassured.  Everyone seems to be promoting their degrees and diplomas, as if this serves as testament to their potential as writers.

I have edited documents for those with PhD’s and let me warn you, a degree does not automatically grant the recipient superlative writing abilities.  I don’t recall my University professors spending much time going over the mechanics of my essays.   All they seemed concerned with was the bare bones content of my projects.  It was quite disheartening, but explains why I have been able to find work, collaborating with professionals, rewriting their articles.

Some of the questionable talent on fiver. Click on the photo for this stellar writing sample.

What I feel elevates a writer into the stratosphere is how well read they are.  Think about it: People look askance at a skinny chef.  They want proof that their culinary master enjoys food with gusto.  His or her girth is visual confirmation that speaks to their all consuming passion for food, so you feel you can trust the menu they present.  So, too, should a writer demonstrate a dedication to literature and be an avid patron of the arts.

Books – read ’em!

I learned to read at an early age and once I could sound out a sentence, there was no stopping me.  I laid waste to my local library and now that books are digital, I can download a new novel every few days, to feed my addiction.  This is what I know honed my skills and made me better than my peers.  If you’re looking for a decent writing assistant, ask them about their favorite authors.

The pay sucks. It should be called Fourverr!

Anyway, let me step off this soapbox and talk more about my exploits on Fiverr.  I am working on creating some listings so I can promote my writing services.  Fiverr takes one dollar out of every gig you sell, so you have to keep in mind that the work you’re willing to do will earn you only four bucks.  Peanuts essentially.  If you spend an hour on a project, you’re making less than minimum wage.  Consequently, what you sell has to be delivered in tiny bites.  Just enough to wet peoples appetite and get them coming back for more.

Me ( aka Scribblerings) on
Sample of the extra video services someone has to offer their clients.

When you get enough positive feedback you are able to include additions to your fiver gig, making the scope of the project more involved and lucrative.  Some of the gigs on offer are quite frivolous, yet shockingly popular.  I decided to come up with a few lighthearted services of my own.  Click the link below and check out my “Pet Naming” gig as an example (a video is included):

Pet naming service!

I will generate 50 specially selected names for your pet

It was on the Fiverr front page for quite a while, probably because I took the time to make a video.  I happen to love the arts and have taken classes on video editing and computer graphics, so I am going to branch out and sell these services too.  I would love nothing better than to be able to chug away at these projects in my spare time, so I’m careful to only offer listings of jobs I’d really love doing.

Help for second language clients

Take for instance my rewriting service, for those for whom English is not their native tounge.  I would love to work with people in this capacity, but I know that this gig will probably take about an hour or more to complete.  Hence why I am not offering any reworking of the finish product, once it has been submitted to the client.

It’s a bit of a public service offering.   I honestly want to help those in need elevate the written content of their work and hopefully learn to write better, by means of comparison.   I also hope it will lead to bigger jobs down the road.  It’s my tantalizing carrot (a loss leader), dangling on a stick, to help me get noticed.

Graphic work – I love photography and editing so I could not resist

My (modern style) custom collage making services. 

If you’d like to keep up with my various gigs and/or see what else I am willing to do for a fiver, be sure to check out my corner.  My profile name is Scribblerings.

So, what do you think of, “The Fiver?”  I’d love to hear about your experiences.  If you can think of any useful services I could provide for $5.00 (well, $4.00 actually, after Fiverr takes their cut) comment below and make some suggestions.  Feel free to post a blurb about your Fiverr services below, for others to peruse.



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Ellen says:

    I actually read about this site a while back but then forgot about it. I think your ideas are great – you’ve got to start somewhere, and using the Net is as good a place as any. I just started selling my artwork online and the thing I noticed is how long it takes to find your niche. I’m finding myself trying out different sites to see what the best fit is for me and my work. I hope you have some success with this one!

    1. Thank you! Yes, you are right about it taking some time to find your niche. People seem to be responding really well to my photoshop services all of a sudden. I created a gig where I will remove an unwanted object from a photo and suddenly I had a flood of interest. It’s great because I LOVE doing graphic type stuff like this. It’s a creative outlet I get paid for! I hope you’re having success also selling your art online. Do you have an account set up on If not, that might be a useful place to see also. 🙂

  2. Donna says:

    Actually……I would pay you $15 bucks for a short video of the actual process you do with your hair taking it from soaking wet to completely dry. Please consider!!! Donna

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