M.A.C. Tres Chic Blush Collection

Tres Chic Blush Collection

I have been into cream blushes in a big way for the past year.  My skin has been quite dry so I love the dewy finish creams impart: they blend like a dream and never leave me with any kind of flakiness.  As my cream blush collection has grown, my powder blush stash dwindled, until it became woefully inadequate.

So, it was quite fortuitous that in my hour of need, M.A.C. decided to come out with a new wearable blush collection – “Tres Chic”.  The few powder blushes I own are all matte, so I was intrigued by this lot since they are described as having a satin finish.  I’ve never gone for luminous blushes before because I find glowing cheeks look unnatural, but since my skin is perpetually parched at the moment, I thought maybe, just maybe, a satin finish would give me the same healthy dewy finish I get with my cream blushes.  It’s worth giving something new a try at least, right?

I decided to order Full of Joy (a pale lavender color) and Immortal Flower (a peachy pink color) since they seemed pale skin friendly and didn’t look like  anything I had in my collection.  I also kind of wanted Pink Tea too, but I wanted to see what the finish was like on these first before I went crazy.

Full of Joy Blush
Full of Joy - Blush

Here is what Full of Joy looks like on my C2/ NC 20 skin (my camera isn’t doing it justice.  It’s has more of a brightening effect in person):

MAC blush pink
Full of Joy ~ Blush
Full of Joy Blush - Different lighting
MAC  peach coral blush
Immortal Flower Blush

And  here I am sporting Immortal Flower:

Immortal Flower Blush - M.A.C.

It is hard to get photos of blush to show up on your skin, unless you apply it really heavily which ends up looking clown like.  I have to go out today, so my makeup has to look semi normal.  I hope the above photos give you a general sense of the two colors though.

The verdict?

My first thought after trying these on were that they’re just okay.   They go on kind of sheer so you have to build up the color and take several swipes from the pan.    I immediately appreciated Immortal Flower because on me it blends into my yellow toned skin and just looks really natural – like I’ve been out in the sun for a bit.  BUT, I have a lot of blushes that do something very similar and it didn’t blow me away.

Full of Joy I hated upon first application.  Instead of blending into my skin and looking like a pretty flush of color it just kind of sat there on my cheeks and looked chalky.    I remember thinking that I would need to be as pale as a ghost to pull this off.

I grabbed a flat topped blending brush from my drawer and tried buffing Full of Joy into my skin and then my opinion about it changed.  The color payoff is poor and it’s more sheer than Immortal Flower, but I really like the ethereal sort of pink glow it gives to my cheeks.   It has a brightening effect and it looks like you’re lit from within – full of joy one might say.  It’s aptly named I guess.

I probably won’t rush out and get more of these – they’re not mind boggling but they ARE very wearable.  If you don’t have many blushes then you should definitely check out the whole collection because they’re all very tasteful rendered shades.    I still think my cream blushes are better for my dry skin, but it was fun to test these out.


P.S.  I purchased these with my own money!


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