Curly Hair Girl

Curly Girl Boticelli long
Me (2008) – Long hair

I get a lot of people asking me about my hair.  A lot.  I’ve been stopped in malls and flagged down on streets.   People have even written to me desperately wanting to know what I do to my hair so they can emulate my apparent success.

People are  begging for help, totally at a loss and wondering how they can get their curls to come to heal.   The positive attention is all very flattering but it also makes me a sad because it’s clear to me that info on caring for curly hair is sparse and hard to come by.  Many stylists don’t really know how to work with curly hair, so  people are at an utter loss and don’t know where to begin.

loose curls
Me with medium length hair (2011)
medium curly hair
Me (2011) – Curls a bit limp…time for a protein treatment!

Curly hair gets  a bad wrap.  Straight hair is seen as more sleek, attractive and professional and everyone seems to want to flat iron their curls out of existence.  It’s the number one thing people have done on makeover shows to polish up their appearance  and I kind of don’t get it.  If straight hair is the be all and end all of beauty why do I get approached so frequently by people coveting my curls?

People honestly think my hair is something special, and I want you to know that it’s not.   Many other women have hidden curl potential – they just don’t have the right products and haven’t been taught a curly care routine that works for them.

Straight curly hair
(2007) Long hair – Straightened by stylist

Before I was taught how to care for my curly hair I was told by a stylist that I had horrible hair.  He seriously thought it was a mess and loved to flat iron it.   Your self esteem takes a nose dive  when you are  exposed to this barrage of  negativity from your stylist.  It doesn’t encourage you to  experiment and try to embrace what nature gave you.

soft curls short
Me (2010) after I cut my hair really short 😦

Thank god I had the chance to connect with a hair stylist, who’s specialty is curly hair, in Toronto.  He taught me the value of a curly hair haircut and how the right products can transform your frizzy dry hair into well formed, smooth, soft bouncy curls.    Working with my curls takes a lot less time vs  fighting to straighten them so I end up spending less energy on my hair.

Black Wig
Me – Playing around with a black wig

Product Smack down

Over the years I have branched out, experimenting with different hair lengths and  products.  After a few months of trial and error, I managed to figure out exactly what MY unique hair needs are.   Because I get many people wanting to know exactly what I do to my hair I’m going to post my routine here so I can refer people to this blog post.

Please note that my hair care arsenal might not work for you.  I  tried out many products that others had raved about, only to discover that they were disastrous in my hair.  Each person’s hair is unique and you really have to slug it out in the trenches, experimenting with different products over several months, until you find your own magical combination.  Don’t get discouraged if you do what I do and your curls don’t look amazing.  Keep experimenting until they do – you won’t regret it!

Medium curly hair
Curly Girl

Meghan’s Curly Hair Care Routine

STOP!!!   Before we begin, let’s see if your hair is similar to mine so you’re not wasting your time…

Botticelli Curls

I have 3A Boticelli type curls.  The top of my hair curls easily and some areas on the bottom are almost straight.  My hair is thick but fine, with a low porosity.  It gets weighed down by products easily and is very susceptible to build up and over conditioning.   I have to shampoo my hair every time I want to style it curly – the Curly Girl hair care method did not work for me (although it does wonders for other hair types).

My hair 100% needs to be shampooed frequently to remove product buildup or else it goes limp.  My hair is in lovely condition with no split ends: shampooing my kind of hair with the right shampoos won’t damage it.

Does this sound like your hair?  If so, keep reading.  If not, head on over to to find someone to emulate with hair more like your own.


curly hair shampoo
Treatment Shampoo (left) Low Poo Shampoo (right)

I shampoo my hair with Treatment Shampoo – it contains lot of magnesium which my fine hair thrives on.  (If you have coarser hair with a tighter curl your hair might not like this ingredient.)  Every few days I alternate with Deva Curls  Low Poo shampoo.  Both products say they are safe for every day usage and I can attest to this.


curl conditioner
(Regis) Olive Oil Conditioner – almost empty bottle

My hair loves protein and magnesium and responds really well to this Olive Oil conditioner by Regis which contains both.  I only use a nickle sized amount in my hand.  I apply this to my ends first and whatever is remaining gets distributed over the canopy of my hair, then I comb the product through in the shower and leave it on for 5 minutes before thoroughly rinsing it out.

Curl Cream

AG: Recoil
AG: Recoil

I get out of the shower without wringing the water out of my hair – it looks sopping wet.  I apply a pea sized amount of Re Coil (a curl cream) into the palm of my hand, rub my hands together until they are evenly coated and then run my hands through my hair until the product is gone from my fingers.  Then comb my hair.  AG: re-coil gives my curls more body and better form – but I can easily skip this step and still have a good hair day.

Edit:  I have had a lot of success applying this curl cream AFTER I put the gel (Curl Keeper) into my hair.  Experiment with both ways and see which gives you a better curl.  I have to tweak my routine depending on the time of year and the weather.


curly hair gel
(left) Biotera Styling Gel (Right) Curl Keeper

Next I apply Curl Keeper (my holy grail product I could NOT live without).  I pour it into the palm of my hand and coat the left side of my hair, the right, and then the back, refilling my palm each time.  You can not use too much, but you can definitely use to little.  Don’t be stingy!  When done I comb my  hair to evenly distribute the product (see the section on combing for more details).

I use a quarter sized dollop of  Biotera gel on  my ends when I need it for a bit more hold (which is most of the time).


curly hair comb brush
(Top) Root Brush (Bottom) Bone Comb

I comb my hair with a bone comb or a root brush after applying Curl Keeper.  I lift from the roots when I’m brushing, so my hair doesn’t dry smarmed against my scalp.    Then I flip my head over and comb up from the back of my neck and at the sides of my head so I get as much body as possible.  I apply a thicker gel (the Biotera gel I mentioned above) to my ends after this final step.

Tip:  You want the Biotera GEL, not the glaze.  All the bottles look similar so make sure you’ve grabbed the gel when you’re in the store.


With your head upside down palm your  hands at the ends of your hair, raise them up so your curls are sort of cradled in your palms close to your scalp and then squeeze gently about 5 times before letting your hair go and moving on to another section.   I scrunch my hair several times in one place and then  move on to another area.    This really helps infuse the product into your curls and evenly distribute it.  Your  hair  should be making a wet squelching noise as you go along.  If it isn’t you’ve let it dry too much and your curls will turn out more thin and poofy.  You might want to spritz your hair with water until it’s wet enough again and then to continue.


Curl Ease Towel

I learned how to “plop” my hair on  It gives me much better curls and helps to add body.  Using a Curl Ease Hair Towel I lay it over the toilet seat, center my head over the towel and then lower my hair down, allowing my curls to pile up on themselves,  until my scalp is about an inch way from the surface of the seat.  (Not touching is another trick I learned to give me more body.)  Then I roll up my hair into a loose floppy turban and let it sit like this for about 10-15 minutes (don’t go too long or else your hair might get frizzy).   This gently removes excess water from my  hair, gives me more lift at the roots and encourages better curls.


Negative Iron Hair Dryer + Diffuser

I then blow dry my hair with a diffuser just until the curls start to feel formed.  (This is when they start to feel slightly dry, but they’re not all hard and crunchy yet.)  I have found that using a tourmaline hair dryer (those in the U.S. should check out this tourmaline dryer) has GREATLY cut down on the amount of frizz and fly aways I get.  I used to use a regular hair dryer and this caused loose stray hairs all over the top of my head – but not anymore.  A better quality hair dryer is a great investment.

Air Drying Hair

The last step involves going about your day and letting your hair air dry the rest of the way.  This takes me about 40 minutes to an hour.  When my hair is finally dry I flip it upside down and scrunch it until it feels soft again.  Doing this last step prevents your curls from looking all shellacked and hard looking; a look  I don’t find that appealing.  If you scrunch them out they get bigger and look all glossy, bouncy and amazing.  Many curlies forget this last step and go for the spider hair look, thinking that if they touch their hair they’ll ruin the finish.

The end.

That’s it!  That’s my hair care routine.  It sounds complicated but it’s really effortless now and does not take up much time.

Curly hair salons in Toronto area that might be of interest to you:

The Curl



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  1. Maria says:

    Your hair is gorgeous!! After fighting my naturally wavy hair for the last 20 years I’m finally embracing my natural hair and really love when I find great info for curly girlies 🙂

    1. Yes!! Another convert. I finally felt like I achieved nice looking hair when I gave up being something that I’m not and embraced what I was given instead. Have you been to ? I learned SO much there about caring for and styling my hair. My curly hair stylist set me on the right path initially, but the forum gave me the support I needed to keep going when I had questions.

  2. Lindsey says:

    Hi love your blog also, I clicked over from…I recently chopped my curls off to your short length, eek hoping that it would take some of the weight off and I don’t know if I’m just not used to styling it short or what but it definitely takes some getting used to. Did you diffuse upside down when it was short? Also, I comb but normally with a wide tooth after Recoil( yes my HG too!) and some gel raked in. My hair is super clumpy on its own…do you think the fine tooth would give it some extra boost? And possibly not raking in the gel? There is such a learning curve web you get a cut!

    1. Hey Lindsey! Thanks for dropping by. I cut my hair short quite a while ago but I’m growing it back out and it’s already shoulder length. What I found is that my hair doesn’t form ringlets as well when it’s short. I need the length for my hair to have a chance to twist around. What I did love about short hair was that it was so much more comfortable in the summer. I was able to always wear my hair out vs clipping it up.

      I think I did diffuse upside down when it was short. I did not have to do it as long as I did when it was long though.

      I like a fine tooth comb because it basically lets your hair form natural clumps again. It doesn’t = stringy curls like you might think. Your hair will look like a wet ribbon when you comb with the fine tooth comb. What I’d do afterwards is careful go over parts with the wider tooth comb to break up the clumps slightly. You’re right – it definitely takes trial and error but you’ll figure out what works for you quickly.

      Regarding gel – my preference is to put my products in first and then comb my hair. I find it distributes the product better. Sometimes I’ll put in the gel, comb, and then scrunch in the recoil. It depends how I’m feeling.

      Good luck!

      1. Riri says:

        Hi Meghan your hair look gorgeous! I wanted to know your adding the products when you hair are wet wet ?
        Thanks xxx

      2. Yes. That is crucial to the process.

  3. Michaela says:

    Any idea why I can’t find the olive oil conditioner online?

    1. Sorry – I don’t know. Did you do a google search? I’d try going to the Regis website and see if you can find a list of their distributors. There are a lot of salons around me that carry it now- it’s not rare, so hopefully you’ll be able to find some. (I was in Walmart two days ago and the little salon they had there had it, so maybe you’ll have luck there!)

  4. Erica says:

    Love your hair. I just tried your routine and I did get more curl definition but not enough hold. However I didn’t use any gel – does the biotera gelnhave a strong fragrance? Also what kind of diffuser do you use? Thanks 🙂

    1. Gel is KEY to getting nice curly hair in my opinion. It really helps the curls to form nicely. I scrunch all the crunch out later so my curls feel silky soft afterwards. I am not bothered by Biotera gels fragrance. It has as much fragrance as any other product in my opinion. I quite like it but if you’re sensitive to fragrances you should definitely give it a sniff beforehand. It has more fragrance that Curl Keeper gel if that’s any help.

      I don’t use any special diffuser. There’s no name brand on it. I got it YEARS ago at Sally’s if memory serves. 🙂

      1. Erica says:

        Thanks for responding so quickly, I picked up biotera yesterday and it worked miracles! Thank you so much for posting your routine. I noticed on naturallycurly that you also use MOP-C shampoo, is that correct??

      2. Nope – I have tried MOP- C in the past but really don’t like it. Now I use Curly Hair Solutions treatment shampoo. I also use AG: Therapy to clarify my hair once in a while. I will also alternate with Deva Curls Low-Poo when I am in a situation where I need to wash my hair each day (e.g. like if I’m swimming all the time, or if I’m doing something active each day and sweat I like to have clean hair, so I reach for this.) Hope this helps1

  5. Jody says:

    I just found you on curly girl and Love you curls. When I do mine right, this is how they look. The problem is, I forget what works and what doesnt, so currently , my hair looks, fluffy and dry with no curl definition. I am totally going with your products. I have found that I too have to wash my hair everyday in order to have fresh looking curls! I work out everyday night and come home with sweaty, messy hair that need to be re-done. I would love to do all this at night to save time in the mornings before going to work. Any suggestions for this, or do you recommend mornings? Thanks ! LOVE your blog!!

    1. Hey! I never had any luck prepping my hair the night before in order to have nice curls in the morning. With my hair type that’s just not possible. I basically have to get up and do my routine in the morning if I want something that looks decent. I think those with a stronger curl patter and less fine hair can get away with this, but not me. Good luck! 🙂

  6. Tiffany says:

    LOVE your hair…mine is curly like your too. However, I was recently dx’d with hypothyroid. So I am shedding like mad. Loosing my hair sucks, and I am in tears over it. It was as thick as yours,….now its about half that! I’m hoping that at some point the loss will slow down and I can feel like ME again!

    1. Hey Tiffany! If it makes you feel any better *I* was diagnosed as hypothyroid when I was a teenager. I totally get what you’re going through. I remember my hair shedding quite a bit. I don’t recall noticing a loss in fullness, but I have really thick hair to begin with so it didn’t impact me as much. Once you get on the right medication and find the right dosage for yourself things will quickly start to turn around. Hang in there! It shouldn’t take long.

      1. tiffany says:

        Thanks! I hope it does soon!. I’m on armour so, I’ve been feeling really great, exercising and all. Just waiting for the hairloss to stablize. I’m currently loosing around100 a day ugh. Thanks for your reply, I really appreciate it!

      2. I’ll be sending you “feel better” vibes through the ether. 🙂 Did you doctor not suggest anything you can take in the meantime to help halt the hair loss btw? What about MSM capsules? I take them for joint issues but they definitely help my hair grow. G

      3. tiffany says:


        Nope, nothing but time. Actually I do take msm. I’ve taken it for two years. However, a few weeks ago, actually a bit more than that I stopped them for 3 weeks. I thought thru may have been interfering with my meds, so I took a break. Turns out I just needed a dose increase. So I have been back on them for about two weeks. Im hoping that the msm will help to slow it back down. I think it was the stopping of the msm that caused the sudden shedding. I was only shedding about 65 a day. Until I stopped the msm. So here’s to hoping!!!

  7. Siobhan says:

    I know this is kind of an older post but I wanted to say I love your hair, it’s so shiny and ringlet-y! I have hair kind of your length in the longer hair picture with long layers. Did you do this same routine with long hair or did you do something different? I have been CG (ish-I still stray from time to time) for about a year and my hair has gone from 2c and frizzy and damaged to 2c/3a less damaged and less frizzy. I love your blog and thank you for making it 🙂

    1. Thanks for your post! Yep, same routine all the time. It works for short and long hair. Now I have added in a really thick strong holding gel to my routine. When I go to “scrunch the crunch” out of my hair, I will rub some gel between my palms first and THEN scrunch my hair. This really helps control frizz. Sometimes, because my hair is so soft, the curls would kind of separate too much, but this extra step really helps hold everything in place during scrunching.

      1. Siobhan says:

        Well I tried your routine! I had my doubts because usually combing in products separates my curls and loosens them too much, but for some reason the curl keeper combined with very wet hair allowed it to work for me. I got shiny, spirally curls with little frizz. The scrunch out the crunch with gel seems like a great idea. May I ask what is the super strong gel that you use? Thanks so much for answering all my questions

      2. No problem. 🙂 The firm hold gel I use is by Biosilk and it’s called “rock hard gelee”. It’s great stuff and a very useful tool if you have hair similar to mine. I’m so glad that this routine seems to be working for you! Wishing you continued success!


  8. Mary says:

    I was curious what protein treatment you use and how often? I have VERY similar curls but have been straightening for a while and now that I am wearing them curly again I find they are a little limp. I was trying the curly girl method when I came across your blog. The CG method was a good start but I wasn’t getting the definition I wanted. I tracked down the Olive Oil conditioner yesterday and can’t believe the difference it made, especially combined with the AG Recoil. I am still using the Deva light gel but plan on ordering the Curl Keeper today. Thanks for the great blog!

    1. Hey! I am glad that my post was of help to you. My hair is very iffy with protein treatments. Most make my curls all thin and straggly looking. Currently I use Spiral Solutions Repairing Protein Treatment. I only use a tiny bit, and only once or twice a month. I am still experimenting with it, but it’s the only one my hair doesn’t flat out hate right off the bat! I am going to try mixing it in with that Olive Oil Conditioner once in a while, vs using it all alone. If you’re hair is like mine, then it’s worth a try. See if you can order a sample online first maybe! 🙂

      1. Mary says:

        Thanks. I will try that. Seriously, thanks to your post I am enjoying the best curly hair day I have had in years. I am Vamcouver and it is pouring and I was walking all over and still no frizz. I had almost forgotten that my curls could look this way. Amazing what getting the right products for your hair type will do.

      2. I am so glad to hear this as it makes writing all that info out worth it. 🙂 I wish I knew about this routine when I was in my teens and was struggling because my hair was a mess. All it takes is finding the right product combination and then you are set for life!

  9. Donna says:

    I have extremely fine low porosity hair……2c to 3a.
    I guess I was way over conditioning because it is so much more curly and bouncy now since I finally washed it with shampoo.
    I had gone almost two years with just co-washing with Suave coconut conditioner!
    Anyways, I have been trying to follow your procedure and am getting hung up after the bone-combing part. I put in the product and comb my soaking wet hair just like you; and then I immediately plop.
    But I end up with my hair very STUCK to my scalp after plopping. And when I take off the “plop” my hair does not fall naturally down my back. I also completely loose my “part” and the top of my head and back looks odd and the hair seems stuck to me scalp.
    I have a few photos I would like to send you for your imput if you could send me your email addy.
    QUESTION: I comb my hair while I am upside down. Should I lift my head right side up after I comb and “fix” the part BEFORE I flip my head back over to plop???
    Also can I hire you to make a video of how you go from soaking wet hair to dry??

    1. Sorry for the delay in replying. I was moving to a different country! 🙂

      I part my hair first, then comb it out but I kind of lift my hair as I comb it. I don’t just comb it flat against my scalp…I sort of comb, pull backwards a bit, and then lift the hair. For some parts I will actually section the hair and comb it the opposite way it grows at the roots. When I finally flip my head upside down, I comb the hair at the back of my neck and at the sides of my head a bit.

      The combing technique thing comes down to practice. Each person does it differently. Sometimes after you’ve dried and plopped your hair you will notice it kind of hands weirdly once you flip your hair over. I like it when it does this. Once I’ve scrunched the crunch out of my hair the weird look goes away, it falls properly and had lots of body .

      Sorry, I am not available to do videos at the moment. They take a long time to film and edit. I will take your request under consideration though and think about providing videos, to better assist readers, at a later date. I have been thinking about this for a while, but have to get things properly set up in my new house.

  10. thecutechef says:

    Your hair is gorgeous! So t he treatment shampoo doesn’t strip your hair since it has sulfates in it? Or do you not use it that often….more like a once or twice a month clarifying treatment?

    As for the porosity, I read the article bit I also heard it has something to do with how fast your hair dries. Mine dries really fast….do you know if that means low porosity like yours? I get botticelli ringlets when my hair is short but they are stretching out as my hair has gotten longer.

    Thanks for the input. 🙂

    1. I can’t comment further on porosity, beyond what was stated in the link I posted. I’m not an expert on the topic, sadly, so the info I can share is limited. My hair is thick and takes a long time to dry. As my hair gets longer I still have great ringlets…I just have to work a little harder at getting body at the top of my head. 🙂

  11. thecutechef says:

    Beautiful hair!

    Does the treatment shampoo not dry your hair out with the sulfates or do you not use it that often?

    1. Sorry for the delay in replying. I was moving to a different country! 🙂 No, I have used the treatment shampoo for years. For my hair type, this shampoo works magic. I can’t use sulfate free shampoos. My hair gets too fluffy, slippery, and over-conditioned. Sulfates are a must for me.

  12. tami says:

    I need to try this for my daughter and myself! We both have the same type of curls as you and I want to do something to help her to love her curls as she grows up instead of trying to pretend they dont’ exist like I did growing up! What a mess that was lol! I may have to work into it slowly though, its sort of expensive! I am too cheap for my own good. Thanks for the tips!

  13. Leslie says:

    I’ve been using deva curl no poo and prior to and even moreso during using this product I am losing hair. My question – how did you find out what type of hair you are and what your hair needs?

    1. I believe there is a link the in blog post about hair porosity. Check it out – the info will help you learn more about your hair type. Good luck!

  14. kelly says:

    Great blog! I too would love a video so I know I’m doing the process right…
    But my question is how long would you say the process takes from getting out of the shower til letting it dry. I have an infant and toddler. I currently dry and flat iron my hair every other day because it’s just easier right now. I too must wash my hair everyday if going curly. Thnx!

  15. pranita says:

    Thanks for sharing your routine; your hair looks amazing! I’m still ‘hit-and-miss’ with my hair care, but a lot of improvement has happened after reading articles like yours (Nobody told me about gel, nobody!)

    1. Pooja says:

      Hi Meghan,

      I have been reading around your blog and love it. Your curls look very much like mine. I really like the hairstyle in your first picture from 2008. I am going for a haircut soon and looking for some pictures to show my hairdresser. Would you mind sending me some more pictures of your this long hairstyle? I would be grateful for your help. Thanks! 🙂

      1. Hi there! Unfortunately I do not have any more pictures available. Sorry. 😦 Let me know how your session at the hairdresser goes. Good luck!

  16. Erin says:

    Your hair is beautiful!! When you get it cut, how do they do it? I feel like mine looks piece-y and scraggly on the bottom because they cut it like straight hair (ugh!!). So i have a bunch of curls on top and long stringy waves underneath. How do they shape it?

    1. Layers are key. Oftentimes it helps to cut curly hair dry, so you can see what the end result is going to look like. If you cut curly hair like straight hair it tends to fan out into a mushroom shape, which is never flattering. I thing curly hair stylists tend to sculpt your hair, cutting the top layers shorter, leaving some medium length ones, and then having a longer strands at the base. I notice that my stylists tend to create face framing shorter bits too.

  17. D. R. says:

    Thanks so much for posting! We seem to have very similar hair types (dense, fine, low porous with curly crown and straighter under layer). Your routine worked great… I had been doing a similar routine for years, but my curls were getting kinda straggly, stringy and limp looking. The combing part was especially helpful.
    I have a question for you though… I have fairly long hair (about the same length as in the 1st photo you posted). About 2 years ago I tried a new stylist who layered my hair and it looked AWFUL. My naturally straighter under layer looked long and stringy beneath the springy curls of the top layer. I’ve been trying to fix it for past year or so, but my question is: when your hair was long, how did you have it cut – what specifications did you give your hair stylist?

    1. I usually let my hair stylist do their own thing. I usually say I want body, great curl formation – but keep it long! They tend to cut the straight bits shorter, as I too have straight hair at the bottom. The goal is to make the straight bits match the curly bits when they are in ringlets.

  18. Karen says:

    Hmm. Your hair is absolutely gorgeous, and sounds EXACTLY like mine. But your regime looks really expensive. Are there less pricey alternatives? Not to be cheap, but as a single (and I mean 24/7, all by myself single) mom on a budget, I can’t go spend $50 or so on hair products. But I have tried the”natural” method, the curlygirl stuff, etc., and it DID NOT WORK. Thanks for the info – very well done. 🙂

    1. Sorry. I don’t have any products to suggest to you. I only know what works on my hair. I have not looked for any less expensive alternatives because it took me SO long to find what worked, I have never wanted to experiment with anything else.

  19. Kristi says:

    I’m wondering how one would go about finding a curly hair stylist. Seems every time I get my hair cut the straighten it and fry it then cut it in unflattering styles for curly hair. It looks great while straight but as soon as I wash and fight to get back the natural curl I end up with thin and, what I call “Dairy Queen kinky fried” curls! If I grow it back out I have a pyramid on my head. I just don’t know where to start.

  20. Jennifer says:

    I have your hair, except mine is a lot darker. I’ve been stopped too by people asking me if I did things to my hair. I’ve also been asked if I curl my hair. It’s also hard to find someone who knows how to cut curly hair right which is why mine is usually always long. Thanks for this blog!

  21. Juli says:

    Hello, what modeling technique you used in the first picture, the photo where vc is the long hair? I have 3a/3b curls and feel difficulty define them. If u know of any site care curly 3, tell me. Have I entered the naturally curly website but have not found much information on how to make my perfect curls like yours.

  22. Kristen says:

    Do you have a picture of your hair before you started doing this regiment? I think I have similar hair and I’d love to see what it looked like before and if it looked like mine does now!

  23. Andrea says:

    I can’t believe how your directions have helped me with my curly hair. I must have hair like yours because I followed your directions exactly (except the diffuser part — because I don’t have one yet) and my hair is better than when I had it cut and styled by my curly hair beautician! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!

    1. Awwww. That’s wonderful! I am so happy you were able to find a routine that worked for you. It can be hard with curly hair. I went through a lot of trial and error before I found a system that worked for me. 🙂

    2. Awwww. So glad it was useful for you! You are most welcome. 😉

  24. sanndralucia says:

    Hey Megha!n Im Sandra from Mexico, I also have curly hair, I already read about allt he products that you use, so my quiestion is : ¿ Do you know about some internet web site that sell it or somewhere i can find it? thank you
    ps your hair is awesome

    1. Just do a google search for the various products to find places online that ship to your country. 🙂 I don’t by my stuff online but from local stores.

    2. You can get most of it from this site. Hopefully they ship to your country. Best of luck tracking down the products. 🙂

  25. Maggie says:

    Hi, I love your hair, I’m wondering what salon/stylist you go to?

    1. I now go to Curl Ambassadors in Toronto. 🙂

  26. Hi Meghan – great blog. Great hair. Can you recommend your stylist at Curl Ambassadors? Just wondering if there’s someone in particular I should ask for 🙂

    1. I can’t recall the name of the girl who used to cut my hair. I want to say that it started with an A, but I am not 100% sure. She loves cats though and has several Siamese cats. You could ask if there is still such a stylist at this location. Good luck!

  27. Lindsay Adams Soulia says:

    Hi Meghan,
    What store(s) do you buy the products? I can only find the Deva Curl in store. I would like to try these and if it works I would rather not order them online. I think my hair is very similar to yours and hoping this method helps! I have used the Low Poo shampoo but it doesn’t seem to clean my hair, I have to use a shampoo that actually strips the buildup out. Also, it has been a while since you posted this, are there any changes to your routine?

    1. Greetings! I bought some of the shampoo and curl keeper from The Curly Hair Institute in Toronto (along with the Bone Comb). Here is a link to the website with direction: The Olive Oil Conditioner I got at a Salon in Walmart. They always seem to carry it. I got the Biotera gel at Sally’s Beauty Supply store, and the Re:Coil was from a place where I get a discount, because I have certification as a makeup artist. You will have to do some sleuthing to find the re:coil, but it is honestly all over the place in various stores. Hope this helps. Good luck! 🙂

  28. Valerie says:

    Thank you for sharing what works for your curly hair! Your hair sounds and looks very similar to mine. Since your initial post was a while ago, I was wondering if you still use the same products. I’ve used the Deva Curl Low Poo myself and found that it’s great for curl formation but tends to take away volume at my roots. I’ll have to try the Treatment Shampoo!

    1. Greetings! Nope, the products are the same. I did try the Deva Curl Low Poo but it weighed my hair down too much and made my curls more stringy. My hair definitely knows what it likes!

  29. Tara says:

    Hi I was just wondering, do you use a heat protectant in your hair when you blow dry ? I just bought one, which is also a leave in conditioner ( revlon uniq one all in one hair treatment), and Im not sure when to apply it .. before the curl defining cream and gel or after ?

    1. When styling my hair curly I don’t use a heat protectant. I use a diffuser on low, and it is so gentle that I have never felt the need for one. I seriously never get split ends. (Your hair might be different though.) Now, when blowdrying my hair straight, I do reach for a heat protectant, because I use a higher temperature setting and the hot air is more focused one one area. 🙂 Hope that helps!

      1. Tara says:

        Thank you soooo much for replying! :* I also diffuse my hair,I let it air dry until its almost completely dry and then I just diffuse for about 5 min, but I go from medium to high setting, so that is why I thought the heat protectant was necessary. And also that I just want to prevent as much damage as possible since I’m trying to grow it healthy after all the flat ironing . Im so happy I took the decision to wear my hair natural and stop the flat ironing, I save so much time everyday,and I actually feel like it looks like I am more dolled up in a way 😀 So Im super happy, and Im so appreciative and thankful for people like you who take the time to share your tips with people like me ❤

  30. Tara says:

    and thank you so much for all the great tips ! I recently started wearing my hair natural, after flat ironing for several years.. and Im so excited to try out everything you wrote! 😀 Your hair is absolutely gorgeous!! :*

    1. Thanks Tara! Working with your hair vs against it is life changing. Let me know how it goes. 🙂

  31. Meaghan says:

    Do you remember the name of the stylist you saw in Toronto or the name of the salon?! I’ll be back in the GTA for good in a few weeks and my hair desperately needs curl rehab!

  32. DonettaS says:

    Reblogged this on Donetta's World and commented:
    I have a lot of curly hair tips. 38 years worth. This is a great post!

  33. sarrafortuna says:

    I was a curly girl who kept her hair in a ponytail all through high school – I didn’t realize the potential my curls had until I went into college. It’s still typically hit or miss, finding the right cocktail of product for it to actually do what I want it to! I’m also a curly girl on a budget, so it’s a lot of experimentation. My hair always requires a bit more attention as the seasons change, and I sometimes have to completely alter what I’m doing to make it manageable. I can’t go near it with a hair dryer or it poofs out of sheer terror.

    But thank you for your honestly and actually putting down your method! It’s always hard to find something that works, and I’m hoping to give some of your techniques a try. I’m wondering – I am in a relationship with a guy who LOVES to play with my hair, and it inevitably becomes nothing but frizz after he decides to mess with it. Some friends have told me to make him stop but I…uhm…don’t really mind the experience, it’s just the aftermath that sucks. Do you have any recommendations?

    Thanks much, miss!

    1. Hey Sarra. Recommendations? Not really. You can’t have someone play with your curly hair and then not embrace the frizz afterwards. That’s like loving to eat cake but then being miffed about the weight gain. 🙂 My hair doesn’t hold its curl very well, so I would have to wet my whole head of hair and restyle if I wanted to go back from frizz to defined curls. Maybe you could buy your boyfriend one of those wire head scratchers, and let him carefully use that instead of his fingers? Good luck!

  34. AJ says:

    sooo frustrated with my hair! My hair is almost to my waist and really thick( if I let it air dry it takes 6 hours to dry). Sometimes I think my hair is curly, I have ringlets with “s” waves, and sometimes it’s just frizzy with S waves. I’m trying to figure out if I have wavy, or curly hair and I’m about ready to give up. I haven’t reached for my flat iron in 2 weeks because I live in a really dry climate and it’s killing my hair hence my attempt at going natural. Any tips at all?

  35. Tammie Powell says:

    Count me as another big fan of your hair and blog. I’d love to see updated pics and read additional articles, including specifics on your gorgeous color! Thank you for sharing wonderful information!

    1. Greetings Tammie! Thanks for your note. I have added “hair update” to my list of future things to blog about. As for my color, you’d need to confer with my parents on that one, because they’re the people responsible for what you saw in the pictures. Them and maybe the sun from time to time. I now dye it a few shades darker though.

  36. Jessie says:

    do you know products that are similar to yours that are a little less expensive? I wish I could, but I can definitely not afford those 🙂

  37. Catherine says:

    Hey!! I loved reading about your curly hair, made me realize I wasn’t alone having to go through the struggle of taming curly hair. I was planning on going short, and maybe adding bangs, how to you cut your bangs so they look that way? A million thanks from a curly haired friend!!

  38. Mackenzie says:

    Hey Meghan,
    I have curly hair that is very similar to your own and I have been reeeally struggling with finding someone to cut it attractively. Basically everyone I go to does a good job layering the top to have volume, but I always end up with a bottom layer that are weird long strands that just don’t seem to match. I’ve asked stylists to cut the bottom layers shorter but they all still end up giving me short top layers and a mismatched long looking bottom layer. Do you have any ideas or suggestions of haircuts that have worked for you? Or even things for hair stylists to avoid? Thanks!!

  39. Cam says:

    I have fine, straight, I mean Noooooo body at all kinda hair. Hate it so i always get perms, sometimes spiral. Just wondering if these products are just for naturally curly or can perm-ers use them?????

  40. Lisa says:

    Do you do this routine every day, or does it last for a second day? Your hair is gorgeous!

  41. Carolina Quintero says:

    After so many products, techniques, blogs….finally i found you !.
    I tried a lot of things and never something work. Once i read very carefully i felt very identified eith you and your hair. I must to say thanks so so so much fir shared your routine, experience and everything about your hair. After almost 4 months, i have finally a beautiful hair with a good control of freeze and nice shape of curls. After having my second baby, my curls just desapeard, then i decided to cut my hair really short. Two years later, again i tried to have my curls back. Thank lord i found you and find my lost autoestime. Again thanks for sharing and helping others like me.
    Congratulations you have gorgeous hair.
    Like the other person said a hair update will be nice.

    1. Awwww. I am so glad this worked out for you. I wish I had learned about how to care for curly hair when I was a lot younger. The more people are aware of how awesome their hair can be, the better!

  42. Cinthia says:

    OMG My hair is EXACTLY the same as yours, 3a canopy, 2a underlayer, fine, thick, low porosity, and even the same cut! The only difference is your’s look much better :/ I’d love to try your routine, but sadly those products are not available where I live, plus they have very restrictive laws towards importation of cosmethics, so I can’t buy them 😥

    1. I feel your pain! 😦 That sucks.

  43. Bee says:

    Love your post! I am excited to try out some of these products. I can’t find the Regis conditioner anywhere – where do you buy it if you still do. Otherwise do you have any suggestions on alternatives? Also, you mentioned a protein treatment…any suggestions on that? Thanks!!

    1. Try the hair Salon’s in Walmart. They always stock this line of products, at least in Ontario. 🙂 I don’t bother with protein treatments anymore. I used to use an awesome one but I can’t remember the name. Sorry. 😦

  44. Jackie says:

    Hi, I too love the curl keeper. I love how my curls look and feel but I noticed that it leaves fine white residue on (noticible) on dark clothing…do you have any recommendations for that?

    1. I have never experienced that. What other products are you using? I have tried some other gels that do this, but Curl Keeper has been residue free on my hair.

  45. Caroline Gauthier says:

    Hi Meghan! You have transformed my curls!!! I was on the cusp of cropping it short. I used to have long, thick, curly hair before I had breast cancer. My hair grew back super fine and with little volume or curl. Just trying the recoil has transformed my hair 10 fold! I have ordered some of the other products. My question is, do you have any conditioner suggestions as I am having a lot of trouble getting the Design line here in Canada? Also the biotera and Low poo are not readily available. Any alternate suggestions? Thanks for my renewed love of my hair!!!

    1. The Designer Line of products is all over Canada. Have you checked the hair salon’s in Walmart or First Choice Hair salon? They usually always stock these products. Not sure what province you are in, but I see the stuff all over Ontario. Sorry, but I don’t have any other suggestions. I have used these products faithfully for years and haven’t needed to experiment since they suit my hair so well.

  46. Nadine Grech says:

    First of all, I just wanted to say that you’re so so beautiful! Your hair as well obviously, so many ringlets! I’m not ashamed to say that I’ll be probably be one of those people who would stop you just to ask about your hair! Thank God I found this article haha! I’ve been experimenting with my hair and I’ve also tried the Curly Girl Method but like you, my curls became limp. I am surprised though that you use sulfate, I read so many times that sulfates and silicones are bad for curly hair but I am guessing that the sulfate you use is gentle enough for curly hair, am I right? I started using Shea Moisture African Black Soap Deep Cleansing Shampoo, it’s a sulfate-free shampoo and so far I like it even though it does dry your hair a bit. I’m trying to get my 2b/2c curly hair back, if all hope is lost, I’m going to try your method! I hope to get curls like yours! Thanks a lot for sharing :)!

    1. Yep. The sulphate is a gentler version. The other kind strips my hair, so I only use if I feel like my hair is really limp (maybe once every few months.) I have zero split ends using the Treatment Shampoo I own. It literally transformed my hair. For those who have coarser hair it won’t work though. It will probably make their hair feel dryer. The silk shampoo from curly hair solutions would be the better option for this hair type.

  47. krissie flores says:

    Thank you for all of the information. I can’t wait to get started!!!

    1. This reply is a little late, but I hope you had some success! I had to experiment for a long time before I found a product combination that worked well with my hair. I also notice that I had to tweak things a bit depending on the season and the humidity in the air. Don’t give up!

      1. Krissie flores says:

        So far all of the products you recommended have worked great on my hair. I have received many comments about how good my hair looks. I have found that working all of the products in my hair while it is still really wet works best. Then I let it air dry some then diffuse it to give it body. I also have been using before I put on the curl keeper and after the re-coil I use a nickel size BWC leave in conditioner which I purchased off amazon like all the products you recommended. Thank you once again.

  48. Thanks for your information. Yhis post give me Inspiration

    1. Glad to hear it! 🙂

  49. Becky says:

    How often do you shampoo and do you use deep conditioners? Thanks 🙂

    1. About 2 -3 times a week, depending on what I am doing. When I am not putting gel in my hair and bringing out the curls I brush my hair daily with a Mason Pearson brush before I do an updo. I find that this helps to distribute oils and keeps my scalp clean, so I can go 4 days between shampoos should I want to.

      1. Becky says:

        Do you feel the need to deep condition your hair and use leave in conditioner?

  50. martha says:

    This blog is amazing after years of going with the no poo idea and always feeling like it did not work for me, you confirmed that washing my hair is important. I use kinky curly come clean shampoo I feel its been the least drying since I do shampoo more than my other friends with curly hair. I will definitely try the curl keeper and best of all they now sell this at my local target!

    1. Glad it has been of help to you! Curly Hair Solution’s Treatment Shampoo has been a godsend to my hair. I never get split ends. My aunt is a hair dresser and when she looks at my ends she can’t believe it. I have been growing my hair out for the past 2 years and sometimes go over 6 months between trims. I get trims to even things out, not to stop split ends.

      Shampoo is not bad if you find the right type for your hair. The No Poo method works for some people, but it definitely wasn’t the solution for me. It felt gross and really weighed my hair down. Not all hair types have to forgo shampoo to have healthy hair and well-defined curls. 🙂 Best of luck with the curl keeper. Let me know how it goes!

  51. Amie says:

    Hi, Meghan. Your hair looks beautiful… just like mine used to!! I used to wash my hair, slap a tiny bit of watered down curl cream in it, sleep on it wet or damp, & wake up with lots of fat, shiny curls! After many moves (geographic) & being forced to switch stylist SO many times, I’m having no luck helping the new stylists, regardless of how talented they are, to understand my hair… I WANT my naturally fat curls to CLUMP TOGETHER!! Overlayering has left me with an unmanageable ball of frizz & my natural curl pattern gone… which is breaking my heart. It’s been going on for several years now I and really miss my hair!! I, too, have lots of fine hair, almost never get split ends, & the no-poo was a no-go for me as well. I’m convinced it’s not the products, it’s the cut. OK, so now that I’ve vented (thanks for listening, btw!), what cut does your stylist give you to get those fat, clumpy (I mean that in the best way!) curls? I live in LA so availability of stylist is no problem!! Can you offer suggestions &/or vocabulary for stylists? Thank you!! 🙂

  52. Pam says:

    Hi Meghan! I am so inspired by your blog post. Thank you for still being active in responding so many years later! I recently started wearing my hair exclusively curly and using the Deva products. I loved them at first but found my hair started to almost straighten rather than curl and was feeling very heavy. I came across your blog and it seems like we have very similar hair. I was always confused because I am a curly girl with very the hair. I have been trying the products you use and am loving them. My question after this long winded intro is, I can never get great second day curls, what do you do with your hair during in between days? When you put it up what do you find are the styles that work best for you? With thin curls my hair looks straggly quickly.

    Thank you and looking forward to your response!

    1. I don’t do well with second day hair either. Sometimes if I pile it on top my head at night in a loose cluster I can get ok looking curls the next day, but it is never as nice as the day I wash it. You can try wetting random curls, swirling them around your finger a bit to defrizz and reshape them, and then letting those dry. This gives a little shape back to my hair. When I really want great curls I wash my daily. I’ve never had a problem with my hair doing this. The products I used never caused any damage to my hair by doing this. Good luck!

  53. Veronique says:

    Hello… i just cut my curly hair because i had relaxer in it..its very short n starting to grow back healthy n i wnated to know exactly what type of hair i hv n what to use n how to style them… it`s been quite hard to find anything until i found your blog… so my hair kinda messy since i look like a boy with a bob of hair.. any tips will be welcome .. thankss

    1. Greetings Veronique. Unfortunately, I am not hair care expert. I am only familiar with my own mop of curls and have no experience when it comes to other hair types. 😦 The internet is full of useful information though. I found out how to care for my hair by online research and lots of experimentation. Sorry that I don’t have anything more useful to impart. Good luck on your hair care journey!

  54. Dee says:

    So glad I found your blog, i’m trying it little by little as I get products. I have 2c hair that I fought for a long time and just think it would be easier to embrace my natural hair. Question for you, is there any kind of refresher spray you can recommend for day 2 hair or for hair in the morning after a night wash? Thanks so much!

    1. I used to just spray random curls with water, twirl them around my finger and let them dry. Sometimes I’d clip a few at the roots to give them extra body. I have never been able to successfully rock second day hair. My hair looses it’s oomph after sleeping on it. Sometimes loosely piling my hair on top of my head in a cluster at night helped, but it is never as nice as the first day after washing it.

  55. Amy says:

    Your curls are gorgeous!! I read this awhile ago and then got sucked into the DevaCurl products. I was using curl keeper when I first went curly but still had frizz. My curls have almost disappeared and I have a ton of frizz. Going to pull out my shampoo and curl keeper tomorrow. So happy I came across this blog again as I was searching for a solution to my frizzy hair.

    Any recommendations to get more moisture with the curl keeper?

    1. The Deva Curl stuff never worked for my hair. It weighed it down too much and flattened out my curls. I put curl keeper in my hair when it’s sopping wet. This gives the best curl definition. Also, rub some gel between your palms before you scrunch the crunch out of your curls. I find this cuts back on frizz for me after. Good luck and thanks for stopping by my blog! 🙂

  56. seaweede says:

    Soooo happy to find your blog! I have curls VERY similar to yours and started the CGM about a month ago. I was pretty sure I was doing it all wrong because my curls were looking heavy, “gummy” and just plain dirty (even though I was washing every 1-2 days). I”m happy to hear it may not work for everyone (!). (I HAVE to have the bubble! Sulfate-free of course). I was still having frizz no matter how much conditioner/curl cream/souffle/gel/whatever I put on my hair. I recently discovered Curl Keeper and I think I love it ALTHOUGH I’ve got some frizz on my 2nd day hair. After reading your blog, I see that my hair may have different needs than what I have come to believe from the CGM. I thought EVERYBODY had to have Shea butter but like you, it’s too heavy for me. I’m gonna try the Regis Conditioner and the Biotera you’re using and try your method. I’m really hoping it works for me. I’ll let you know and thanks again for your post!!

    1. Yep, this pretty much describes my experience with the Curly Girl Method. It’s not suited for every hair type. My curls straightened out and got fluffy. It was weird and I hated it.

      Shea butter is a nightmare for my hair. It just weights it down. So do most oils. I tried coconut oil at one point and it turned my hair dry and brittle. Arg.

      It is hard to avoid frizz with second day hair with our hair types. What works for me is taking the frizzy bit and wetting it, wrapping it around my finger a bit to reform the curl and then letting this bit dry. Even then my hair is a bit flat on day two.

      Keep me posted and good luck!

      1. seaweede says:

        So…I’ve been following your routine-to the T-and found out that everything works for me but the darn Olive OIl condish. It seemed to dry out my hair (!). My first try, I had deep conditioned with a coconut oil conditioner then all of your products. My hair looked UH-MAZING! Then I tired the OO condish-yuk. I switched it up to a different condish and everything else improved! My hair seems to love protein. I am sooo in love with Curl Keeper! Still dealing with morning frizzies but I recently bought a product dupe (from Sally’s) of Sebastian Wet and I’ve been grabbing the frizzy part, slipping some dupe on the strand, curling it around my finger and then clipping it with a tiny claw clip. OMG! It works! No frizz and an even better defined curl strand. Thanks so much for this blog-you’ve helped me out so much. I was ready to give up on my curls until I read your blog. Cheers!

      2. Yay! So glad to hear that some of my routine worked for you. Everyone’s hair is different so sometimes you do have to experiment. It took me many months to figure out what my hair liked. Coconut oil dries my hair out, makes it break and feel like straw. It is a definite no-no for me. Unlike your hair, my hair does not like this type of protein. Stick with what works! Wishing you continued success going forwards. 🙂

  57. T. Martell says:

    I love it! I’m going to try a few of the products you use. Check out my routine.

  58. Abby says:

    Hello! I have hair very similar to yours and I just put my order in for the styling products you used! *YAY* Where I’m a little stuck is the root brush…I think I need one of those…because my hair dries EXACTLY how you described it sometimes- smarmed down to my scalp! Like it will be curly on top but underneath my hair is just STICKING to my scalp I guess from all the product? And even when I flip my head and kind of “shake” it out it just falls and sticks back to my head after a little while. Do you use both the bone comb AND the root brush together or whatever one you’re feeling that day? And do you use the root brush on the entire length of the hair or literally JUST the roots? Thank you so much and you have such beautiful healthy hair! 🙂

    1. I don’t bother with the root brush anymore. I flip my head over and brush it upside down which helps give me some lift at the roots. If I feel like I need something extra I use my Mason Pearson brush just like a root brush. I take a section of hair and brush it up from the roots in the opposite direction that it grows, then twirl the curl around my finger to clump it all together again. 🙂

      1. Abby says:

        Ah okay! Thank you so much for replying! 🙂

  59. Abby says:

    How do you use the root brush? 😊

    1. I used to use it on small sections of hair that tended to stick flat to my head. I would brush the wet hair from the root upwards in the opposite way that it grew. Then I’d twirl the hair around my finger to clump it up again and leave it to hair dry. I have a Mason Pearson brush that I use now that I really love!

    2. I don’t bother much with a root brush anymore, but here is how to use one if you want to experiment:

  60. Hali M. says:

    My hair seems like it’s exactly the same as yours! I’ve been trying to experiment with products to see what my hair looks good with and enjoys but I’ve wasted so much money already! I’m going to give your routine a try and see how it works! My only question is, why do you prefer the Low Poo over the No Poo??

    1. If I don’t shampoo my hair it gets too weighed down and eventually looses it’s curly. I ended up with disgusting hair when I didn’t use shampoo. It got limp and fluffy feeling and didn’t do anything. I am definitely one of those people who needs shampoo in their lives. Shampoo does not hurt my hair. I have zero split ends. I use a Treatment Shampoo buy Curly Hair Solutions and it keeps my hair in great shape.

  61. Anne says:

    Meghan, thank you so much for posting this. You are a godsend and no joke. I had gone way down the rabbit’s hole into the curly hair subreddit and had gotten to the point where my hair was just hanging there nastily. the treatments and the oils and the foam and the gel and the creme…. I have had natural botticelli curls since puberty and somehow i got all wrapped up in “better ways” and co-washing etc etc. for the first time since i started wearing it curly again it looks glorious. some how it looks longer. it has mondo volume. curl keeper is my life now.

  62. Terri says:

    Thanks Meghan for letting us in on your secrets!!! Your hair is beautiful!!! My hair is very similar to yours…but I also color treat it. Have been very bummed during the change in season, bad hair days! Just bought some BIOTERA products today, can’t wait to try!! I have learned so much, thank you for sharing, you seem just as beautiful on the inside too!

    1. Thank you for the lovely comment Terri. I am glad this post was helpful and I wish you success with the Biotera products!

  63. Mary I says:

    I’m glad I found this, even if it is 6 yrs old now. After reading your post I’ve just started using the Regis Olive Oil Conditioner (smells so good) and Curl Keeper (original and gel) and my curls have never looked better! I used to straighten my hair on a regular basis, but I haven’t touched any styling tools in weeks. Thank you so much!

    1. Awesome! I am so happy it worked for you. I still use the exact same conditioner, 6 years on. It is definitely my favorite. 🙂

  64. Brooke says:

    Hi! Love your hair so pretty! Mine looks a lot like your, except its straighter at the top and curlier at the bottom. It intertwines likes yours does, but I have no idea how to make it curly all the way through. Yours looks curly straight from the roots all the way to the bottom and mine is straight/wavy until midway down. How do I make it curly all the way through? Thank you!

    1. I’m not a hair stylist, so I don’t know. I can only talk about what I do to my own hair. I find that when I am using the wrong products though it is hard to get the curl to form at the roots of my hair. Shampoo made a big difference for me. Without it, my hair was always too heavy and flat at the top. Good luck!

  65. Joann says:


    I’ve been doing some research and your blog post keeps popping up. Do you still use this product routine? Also I’m finding it difficult to find the Olive Oil Conditioner. Is this something you still use? Or have you found something comparable?


    1. The products I use are the same. They have never lead me astray. I can usually find the Olive Oil Conditioner at Walmart in Canada. It is usually stocked by those hair salons that operate inside the building. Have you looked there at all? Also, First Cut Hair Salon in Canada carries it also. If you go to the company’s website, they should have a listing of places it can be purchased. Good luck!

      1. Joann says:


        Thanks for your response. I live in the U.S. and haven’t checked our Wal-Mart yet. I will look into that. My husband also works out of Toronto, so I might just have to send him on an errand while he’s there. I’m glad your routine is working for you still. I just bought Kinky Curly Curling Custard to try, since I can find it at a local Whole Foods. So far so good. But if it doesn’t work out I’m interested in trying out your routine as my hair is quite similar. Thank you again for responding!!!

      2. Mary says:

        I’m in the US and have found the conditioner at Supercuts and Smart Style (the salon inside of Walmart).

      3. Joann says:

        Thanks Mary! I will check that out!

  66. CynTruDian says:

    I am so glad I found your post. It has given me a lot of inputs. And you’ve got such gorgeous curls!

    My hair went from straight-ish to wavy some months back. I guessed it had become 2b or 2c. In frustration I even chopped them off and they got even more ‘wild’.

    But seeing your curls I think I may be having 3a with low porosity. I still can’t judge how much product to use. There’s just no definition. I end up with ‘wildly frizzy’ or ‘oily limpy’ hair! 😦

    1. I am glad my post is still useful to people! When I was younger there was zero info on how to work with my type of hair. So glad that isn’t the case for people anymore. The internet is now a wealth of information for curly girls!

      My hair sounds just like yours. It takes a little experimenting to find the perfect products, but once you do you will never look back.

      Wishing you continued success!


  67. CynTruDian says:

    Thanks, Meghan. I needed that because right now I am in the ‘frustrated and confused’ stage of my hair journey. There isn’t much choice of products in India and the hot humid weather is not helping either!

    1. I feel your pain. I struggle when the humidity is high and then when the air gets super dry. You just can’t win!

  68. Brooke says:

    Do you use products will sulphates and silicones?

    1. If I do use silicones I make sure that they are the kind that wash out easily. I don’t use silicones when I am styling my hair curly – it makes my curls too fluffy. My hair does not mind sulphates but most of the shampoos I use are low or no sulphate formulas. (I have about 4 different ones that I rotate between.)

  69. Chris says:

    Thank you Meghan for sharing your secret with us!
    My hair is fine with low priority as well and so far all the products just made it stick together and look smashed by plopping instead of the curls forming by themselves.

    I only have one problem: The products (especially the Regis Olive Oil Conditioner) are not available in Europe / Germany! 😭
    Is there anyone here with the same problem who found alternative products that work as well??
    Please contact me at!
    Thank you so much!

  70. Janice says:

    I think this is the recipe I’ve been looking for! I’ve been trolling Pinterest for a long time. I have to wash(co wash) my hair everyday. Only because if looks terrible if I don’t. I’m trying this tomorrow and then I’m getting the suggested products. Thank you thank you!

    1. Yay! I hope it works out for you! Let me know how it goes. 😀👍🏻

  71. Lisa Cerasoli says:

    I was so shocked and thrilled that someone else actually knows and uses Biotera gel !! I’ve been using this since I was 19 years old! I’m going on 49 years old now!! Obviously I love this gel and always recommend it to curly girls. I have tried sooooo many gels thru the years.. ones for curly hair, ones for normal hair, dry hair, etc etc. and I always go to this because the others are too sticky, too oily, too whatever.

    1. It’s awesome stuff! 🙂 I agree!

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