Vampire Fangs

Vampire Fangs

I had a serious thing for vampire fangs back in the day.  It didn’t matter if I was costumed as a clown, superhero or  rock star; I had to accessories with a pair of plastic vampire fangs.  Halloween just wasn’t Halloween without a set of ferocious pointy teeth.

Sadly, they were really gross to wear.  Your saliva would pool into the mold and you’d constantly be sucking on them in your mouth so you didn’t drool all over yourself.    Not only did they not fit well, they also weren’t designed to be chewed on so they’d start to look ratty after a few days.

As the years have past  I have become quite lazy at Halloween.    I joke that my costume has now become a new outfit, purchased at the mall as a treat for myself during October.  This so called costume doesn’t quite cut if for friends and Halloween enthusiasts, so I started shopping for something I can add to my “costume” to jazz it up, adding an appropriate dash of  ghoulishness to the ensemble.

Custom Vampire Fangs

Vampire Fangs

Enter custom vampire fangs.  WHY I’m only discovering these things now I don’t know.  Stores should be stocking up on these babies and selling them like hotcakes, but they’re not (at least where I live).  You have to order them online, but that’s okay.  It makes them more unique if not everyone has a set.

Vampire Fish

When shopping for fangs you have to consider where and how you plan to wear them.   They come in various lengths and colors at  I chose a combo pack  of Subtle Fangs featuring small and natural length fangs.  They’re apparently more comfortable to wear than the longer saber variety, which I imagine will only work if you’re cool standing around with your mouth agape.

Vampire Fangs
Fang Caps - (left) Natural, (right) Subtle small
Vampire Fangs
Fang Caps - (top) Natural, (bottom) Subtle small

Natural Fang - Hollow inside

Vampire Fang

Vampire Fang
Fang after molding material has set

Everything you need to create these custom fangs comes right in the box (which is so cool…it’s a coffin).  You get a set of teeth caps, interior customizing mold material, a mixing vessel and a stir stick.

In a nutshell you mix the mold powder (contained in the capsules) with a special liquid, put ALL the mixture inside the hollow tooth cap, put the vampire fang over your canine and leave it in your mouth for the molding material to set (15-20 minutes).

Once the material has cured ( it takes 24 hours after you’ve taken it off) the fang will fit over your tooth and stay there comfortably until you pull it off.  You can use the fang again and again.  They’re awesome and don’t distort your speech.

I had a few mishaps along the way.  First I spilled the molding powder all over the counter (see above).  I carefully poured it into the mixing container provided but then accidentally knocked it over making a mess.  Strike one.

Fang teeth vampire
Trying on fang

Strike two occurred when I dropped one of my longer fangs down the drain.  Noooooo!!!!  I was practicing getting it into place on my tooth before I scooped in the molding material (as per the directions) but I lost hold of it and it went into the sink, directly down the drain.  I enlisted my unhappy boyfriend to fish it out for me when he got home but it was nowhere to be seen.

Subtle Short Fang (left) Natural Fang (right)

I still have one long tooth left to review though and I was extra careful with the short set so they’re still in the game.  Here is a side by side comparison of the two different size fangs in my mouth.  (see above)

Subtle Small Fangs

What I discovered is that the natural (i.e. medium length) fangs aren’t as comfortable to wear as the subtle short set.  It’s hard to close your mouth with the natural ones, while the short version feels like I could forget they’re there.  The medium (“natural”) length ones are definitely more dramatic and attention getting but I think they’re better for short time usage and photographs.

Natural (i.e. medium) length fang

I also found the medium length fangs slightly big for my teeth.  You can still achieve a comfortable fit though; the molding material is magic.   I appreciate that these somehow still work if your teeth are slightly crooked too (within reason of course).   To get a great fit you have to play around with them for a bit, learning how to position them over your tooth properly so when the molding material is inside you can get them into place easily.

Yellow fang - white teeth

Another thing I noticed is that the fangs are a more yellow color compared to my natural teeth.  I whitened my teeth a year or so ago, so maybe these are designed to work best for people who haven’t.  Still, no big deal, it only shows when you’re up close.

Before (fangless)
After - Small Subtle Fangs

I’m really glad I didn’t drop the short set down the drain because they turned out to be my favorite!   I think people write them off when they’re looking on the vampfang website because they think they’ll look too natural, but that’s not the case at all.  It definitely looks like you have noticeable fangs and they’re a lot easier to wear for long periods of time.

Vampire Makeup
Me - Vampire Makeup

This was the easiest costume I’ve ever put together.  My makeup took me about 20 minutes,  then I popped on my fangs and was Halloween ready!  Money well spent if you ask me.

Vegan Vampirism

Want your own set of ghoulish incisors?  Here’s where I purchased mine!  I paid $26.95 plus shipping.    You should sign up for their mailing list because they frequently have sales.



10 Comments Add yours

  1. I worked for we weeks as a Vampire at a theme park, these were the type of fangs we used! They work great, I was able to talk really well with them, avoid sneezing though!

    1. I’ll remember not to sneeze when wearing them. I’m glad that they worked so well for you. I’m having a blast with mine and can’t wait to greet trick-or-treaters at the door this Halloween. 🙂 It’s so cool to be able to talk easily with them on and not have your speech effected.

  2. joelyroely says:

    These are epic! I want some so bad!

    1. The online store has frequent sales. If you subscribe to their mailing list you’ll get all the discount coupons!

  3. Myla says:

    Thank you so much, this was SO helpful. I was going to get the natural set, but read up on reviews and saw that the natural set made it hard to close your mouth. So I went with the subtle’s. But I was concerned that they may not be noticable enough so thank you!

    1. You won’t regret your choice. I found the subtle set SO much easier to wear and they still looked like I was sporting some serious vampire fangs. Glad I was able to help! 🙂

  4. Akira says:

    are they ALL yellow? Are there some that are white?

    1. Sadly, all the ones I saw are off white. I think it’s because most people’s teeth aren’t actually white, so they chose a color that would blend in best.

  5. I got something like these from a bargain shop for just $2, but they didn’t come with the molding material.
    I found a tutorial online though which suggests that meltable white craft plastic beads can be used as a molding material:
    Now I just need to work out where to get meltable white craft plastic beads and I’ll be all set!

    I haven’t ever whitened my teeth and the cheap set of fangs that I bought are actually whiter than my normal teeth.

  6. Leen says:

    if I have one cm long canines. should i get the the subtle or classic fangs?

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