China Glaze Crackle Polish

I think I’m started to get saturated by the influx of Crackle (Shatter) polishes out on the market.  They’re everywhere  and this nail art trend isn’t showing signs of slowing down.  I looked at an OPI red crackle polish in a store today, swatched over white nail polish base and couldn’t help but think that it looked like bacon.  <shudder>

A while ago I purchased a bunch of China Glaze crackle polishes but neglected to show them to you guys.   (Probably because I wasn’t that thrilled by them so the urge to share was weak.)   Without further ado, here are the swatches:

Don't buy this - it hardly crackles at all

(See up above) This is probably my least favorite China Glaze Crackle polish out of the three I purchased.  The color is gorgeous luminous grape but it hardly crackles at all.  On most of my nails  two or three crack lines would form down the center of my nail and then the polish would try to pull itself apart like stringy cheese.  It would also almost completely cover up the base color (which I hate).  I would 100% give this a miss if I were you as I found the formulation terrible.  Crackle polishes are supposed to crack, not ooze apart like this one does! (I did try applying it thinly by the way.  It doesn’t help.)

With top coat on

(See above) Crushed Candy appealed to me because it looks very similar to For Audrey, a gorgeous Tiffany blue color that’s one of my favorites.  Sadly this one is still not formulated properly.  Once again the color is gorgeous and granted it cracks a bit better than the grape color up above, but it’s still not blowing me away like my Barry M shatter polish did.  It’s still covering up much of my base color and the result looks a bit pitted rather than crackled.

(See above)  Cracked Concrete saved the day for me.  Out of the three I tried it’s the only one that really seemed to be  trying to crackle.  Sure, the chunks aren’t as big as I’d like and the crackle bits are a bit thin and vertical for my tastes, but it’s a hell of a lot better than the other three.  I wish the blue had cracked like this because I like that colour best.  This gets much better marks in terms of formulation though.  If you like this effect then you can’t go wrong with Cracked Concrete.

All in all China Glazes first Crackle Polish offering was a bit of a let down for me.  I feel like they rushed to get their collection into production so as not to be left behind on the Shatter polish bandwagon.    I wish they had taken a bit more time out to perfect their forumalation and produced a better quality product because now I’m leery of wasting my money buying any other crackle polish from this line.

This collection came out earlier this year so you probably won’t see it in stores by now.    Last time I looked they had a metallic crackle collection out and I was SO tempted by their pink color, but remembering the flop that these were I decided to give it a miss.

For reference, THIS is what an awesome Crackle/Shatter polish should look like:

So, have you  had any luck with any of the China Glaze Crackle polishes?  Has their formulation gotten better with their newer collections or should I continue to pass up on them?


Disclaimer:  All products featured were purchased with my own money.


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  1. I wish the crackle polish phase would die off. I think the nail art trend is super cute but I don’t see the draw for the crackle.

    The blue one looks a lot better after you put that top coat on. I’m forever going to be thinking of the crackle polish as string cheese now!

    1. Yeah, the whole crackle thing is getting a bit nuts. It’s ridiculously popular though so company’s are just churning them out to appease their customers. After experimenting with a multitude of different colors I think all I needed was the one black crackle polish I had purchased originally. Live and learn. Hopefully I’ll be wiser when the next big nail art trend makes an appearance.

  2. Lisa Chinn says:

    I haven’t used the China Glaze polishes myself, but my friend had some major complaints about a purplish crackle polish she got from them. My black OPI shatter looks so-so, but not as great as other crackle nail polish I’ve seen.

    1. I believe it. The purple color was horrible in my opinion. It oozed across the nail rather than crackling. They messed up in terms of it’s formulation – such a shame because the color was really pretty. I’ve heard that OPI Crackles are okay…but I still don’t think they can compare to Barry M’s version. I’m done purchasing crackle polishes I think.

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