Lip Tar – Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

Thanks OCC.

I love my Lip Tars.  Seriously, I do.  What I don’t like is the packaging.  Lip Tars aren’t really meant to be applied to your lips from the tube – they’re too concentrated a product for that.  You’re meant to take a drop on a brush and then use this to paint your lips.

(left) OCC Lip Tar (right) MAC Lip Mix

Why go for such a messy applicator then? (Look – it’s leaking in the picture!)  MAC’s  Lip Mix’s have a concentrated nozzle for carefully pouring product out to be mixed.  They’re not pretending to be a regular tube of lip gloss.  I find the OCC nozzle messy, and worst of all – they leak.  Badly.  Observe…

It was fun cleaning this up when I got home.

This is what my bag of Lip Mix’s and Lip Tars looked like when I got home.  One of my Lip Tars is leaking BADLY and my kit was covered in a beige mess.   The culprit this time (this has happened before) was the color “Petty Beige”.

OCC Lip Tar - Petty Beige, leaking

For reference, here’s how a non malfunctioning lip tar looks when you open it (if you clean the nozzle properly between each usage that is):

And here’s what the leaking lip tar looked like before I attempted a massive clean up operation (Yes, the cap was screwed on tight beforehand):

Occ Lip Tar - Petty Beige (defective)

What’s frustrating is that it doesn’t seem to be just leaking from the nozzle.   I’m used to wiping leaky lip tars down from this end.  It looks like product is oozing out from the neck also.  The lip area remained relatively clean after I wiped it down, sealed it with plastic wrap and stored it upright overnight.   Somehow it managed to leak again anyway:

I’ve cleaned it up three times already and it’s heading into the garbage now.   I love this color, it’s so useful, so I’m really sad.   I am SO careful with all my makeup products.  I put my Lip Tars in a bag, inside a box when traveling and they’re handled very gently – this is just a frustratingly defective product.  I’m finding that Lip Tars leak too much for my liking in general, but since the product is so amazing I am hoping that they listen to feedback and attempt to change their packaging.

Please modify your packaging!


Just a warning to my fellow makeup artists:  be careful because OCC Lip Tars do not travel well.   Most of my Lip Tars were fine but sometimes you get a defective one in your kit and it makes a real mess that is hard to clean up.  I have read other people complaining about this online so it’s not just me.  I’ve NEVER had an issue with any of my MAC Lip Mix’s but this happens frequently with Lip Tars.

The packaging is awful considering that Lip Tars separate quite quickly and need to be constantly rotated in order to keep the product in workable condition.  I can’t keep them all sitting upright all the time and never move them around.

Something more like this would be awesome

Please OCC, do something about your packaging.  You have an awesome product on your hands but the applicator it comes in just doesn’t make sense for such a runny product.



P.S.  I still love my lip tars and I’m working on doing some more mixing guides for those who have written in asking for my help!  Stay tuned.


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  1. indyink says:

    I seriously thought the leakage was actually something printed on the packaging as a marketing ploy… a play on the name “Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics.”

    I actually thought the marketing and packaging design people were very clever for making the tubes look like they’d been dropped in mud…

    1. LOL! Maybe they should run with that idea and print up a new exterior for their tubes of product. I agree – it WOULD be a clever looking visual play on the name. They could feature people obsessively trying to clean up their leaky Lip Tars, only to realize that they were never really dirty to begin with. The perceived mess was all just an illusion. Muhuhahaha. It would also effectively silence people like me who are winging about the leaky mess left in their makeup box and the end of the day. Good one!

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