Wedding Makeup – Airbrush Wedding Makeup

That's me on the left!

So I’ve been to the Caribbean (Grenada specifically) several times this year and had the privilege of collaborating with some awesome brides on their wedding day.   I’ve taken this amazing opportunity working in the Caribbean to sample rum punch test out some tried and true makeup artistry products in a totally different climate than what I’m used to.

The warm weather in Grenada is very different to back home in Canada.  The humidity is insane and products behave very differently on a tropical island, even if you do arrange to apply makeup in an air conditioned room.  Nail polish is a nightmare – it turns gloppy and is very challenging to apply smoothly  (bring nail polish thinner) plus it takes forever to dry.  Powder products tend to stick to dewy skin and blending is more of a challenge.

OCC Airbrush Foundation + Natural Bridal Makeup
OCC Airbrush Foundation

What does work AWESOME down in the tropics is airbrush makeup.  Brides love it because you only need a few drops to achieve a gorgeous diffused finish and it’s lightweight and comfortable to wear in the heat.   It also really really lasts.  I used  Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC) airbrush foundation (see above) on one bride andTemptu SB airbrush foundation (see below)  on another.  Both products performed beautifully (they look awesome on HD film)  and lasted despite serious heat, humidity and copious amounts of sweating.

Temptu SB Airbrush Foundation + Natural Bridal Makeup
Temptu SB Airbrush Foundation

I also experimented with Make Up Forever’s Face and Body foundation.  If you don’t have an airbrush compressor this is an awesome alternative as it  performs well in humid climates.  It gives a  natural finish (coverage is buildable) to the skin which looks appropriate in the Caribbean ( heavy opaque makeup in hot climates is a no-no) wears well when you’re sweating and can stand up to a night of partying no problem – I tested it out myself.

The only thing I had to touch up on both brides was lipstick and blot occasionally with a little bit of powder.  The makeup held up through pictures in the hot sun, walking up and down the beach for photos and dancing and partying afterwards.

  • Caribbean Makeup Tip:  Bring some gel ice packs in a cooler to use between photo shoots.   If  you’re a bride in a full length polyester wedding gown this can provide a welcome blast of coolness to keep you from wilting and  get you through the photo session.
Bridal Makeup - Photos on the beach

Before heading down to Grenada I ordered a special Ben Nye Neutral Set powder to set my airbrush makeup with.  I’d heard rave reviews about it from other makeup artists and figured I’d give it a whirl.   It’s reputed to be awesome under hot lights and is often used by those on stage to set their makeup so it really lasts.   I figured the sweltering heat of the Caribbean would be a good testing ground for it.

Ben Nye - Neutral Set Powder

The miracle powder I purchased is called Neutral Set by Ben Nye.  It’s translucent, goes on flawlessly (it’s so finely milled) and has worked on many different skin tones.  It doesn’t leave any kind of white cast (some translucent powders aren’t so translucent in my books) and performs well in photographs.  Neutral Set is specially designed to control perspiration and I give it two thumbs up for lasting for hours in the sticky Caribbean humidity.

I’m heading back home to Canada soon so stay tuned for more product reviews!




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