Make Up Forever: Gold Pigments – Metal Powder

It’s GOLD!

Gold pigment that is.  I have been on the lookout for gold pigment that accurately reflects the tones and highlights of  real 18k gold.  My search has taken a surprisingly long time.  I can find gold paint no problem, but something in powder form has thus far proven elusive.

Often when I buy gold pigments they actually turn out to be more of a frosty yellow or orange colour.  My kit is full of many “not quite gold” pigments that I’ve  acquired during my fruitless search.

Of course, focused intent is usually rewarded if you’re me and I eventually found  what I was looking for.  Thank you universe.   While browsing through Make Up Forever’s display at Sephora  in Toronto (I was swatching gold eye liner at the time ) my eyes were drawn like a magpie to four little pots of golden powder they had on display on a lower shelf.

Makeup Up Forever – Metal Effect Powder

Make Up Forever - Metal Powder - 1 & 3

Make Up Forever has a range of four gold pigments, called Metal Powder, that have the whole gold thing pretty much covered.  Who knew!?  There is a perfect shade for every skin tone.  They range from a more natural golden tan skin shade to  a more cool faintly greenish gold which would look awesome on darker skin tones.   I ended up getting numbers 1 and 3 to add to my collection.


Shades offered are: 1, 2, 3 and 4. I bought 1 and 3.

Metal Powders: Left - #1  Right - #3

Metal Powder #3 (see below) is probably the most useful for everyday wear if you’re fair.  I’m quite pale and I find it looks the most natural on my skin and is quite flattering.  It looks more like old gold metal in person, makes blue eyes pop like you wouldn’t believe, and is my favorite.

Metal Powder - #3

Here it is, swatched on my arm.  The stripe on the left is just the powder applied with a brush.  The swatch on the right is achieved by using a damp brush which makes the pigment go on more opaquely.

Metal Powder - #3 (showing dry vs wet method of application)

Metal powder #1 (see below) probaly looks most like real gold to me.  It’s got a very slight green cast and despite looking a bit darker in person than #3, it actually is visually brighter once applied.  It’s not as flattering with my skin tone, but when I want something that looks like bright gold, this is what I’ll be reaching for.

Metal Powder - #1

Here is is swatched on my arm.  Do you see what I mean by it looking brighter on the skin – especially when it’s applied wet.

Here is a side by side comparison of the two colors on my arm, taken outside in the sunlight.  The sun was bright today and it’s kind of blowing out the colors so it’s hard to see the difference.  They ARE different enough in person for me to justify owning them both though.

Left - #1 Metal Powder, Right - #3 Metal Powder
Left - #1 Metal Powder, Right - #3 Metal Powder

These pigments can be purchased at Sephora.  The only down side is the price; I think they’re too expensive for what you get, but I couldn’t resist adding them to my kit.

Price = $22.00 U.S. ( and $25.00 (

So what do you think of these gold pigments?  Have you tried number 2 or 3?  Have you discovered any cheaper gold pigment alternatives?  If so, I’d love to hear about them.

Enjoy. 🙂


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  1. Domi says:

    I’m a boy and have absolutely no interest in cosmetics, but I am a writer, and I really like the way you write. I just read all about gold pigment cosmetics and enjoyed every word of it. Good for you, keep tellin’ the world what’s what!

    1. Thank you so much! I’m going to attempt to churn out a novel in the not to distant future; this has been my testing ground and a creative outlet. I appreciate the words of encouragement, especially coming from another writer!

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