Crackle Shatter Polish: OPI Silver Glitter

OPI - Silver glitter crackle experiment

Crackle polish seems to be the it nail art item of the moment.  When it first came out earlier this year it was hard to snag a bottle, but now all the major nail polish brands are churning out their own versions of shatter lacquer and it’s hard to keep up!

I was in Toronto and popped into a nail polish supply store  and noticed that OPI had come out with a new, mermaid like silver glitter shatter polish (part of their Pirates of the Caribbean collection) along with several bottles of run of the mill pastel shades.  Naturally I passed over the pastels and grabbed the silver shatter.  Having never tried a glitter crackle polish before I was intrigued to see how it would perform.

The creatively named OPI "Silver Shatter"

I was a little worried because it was glitter.  I envisioned putting it on and ending up with a patchy  mess on my nail that people would view with disdain and assume I didn’t know how to apply nail polish.   I gamely bought a bottle though and rushed it home to try out.  I admit to being a little surprised by the name when I turned it over to photograph the label.  OPI normally has such quirky creative polish names so this left me a little deflated.

Silver Shatter - Shattering on my nail

While it’s not as awesome as the Barry M black shatter polish I reviewed previously, the results are better than I’d anticipated.   I applied one thin coat and wiggled the brush around a bit so I wouldn’t get only vertical thin  rectangular crackle shapes on the nail.

I think OPI did the right thing when they decided to use mermaids in their add campaign for this polish.  The silver glitter shatter lacquer definitely reminds me of beaches and sand, and the crackle effect has a textured fish scale type vibe going on that fits with the mermaid theme.  I’m showing the shatter effect above  without a top coat, so if you’d appreciate something less  rough looking you’ll want to put a layer of top coat on.

If you like the look of this silver shatter polish effect then you can’t go wrong with OPI’s Silver Shatter.   It’s shimmery and bright and definitely adds some eye catching bling to your nails.   I admit to kind of liking my polish better BEFORE the shatter crackle polish was applied, but maybe I just need to use a darker color underneath to achieve a result I’m happy with.  I think the pale blue and the silver blend in a bit too much for my tastes and my eyes simply like to see sharper contrasts!

So, what do you think of this new glitter shatter polish?  Any suggestions on what I should pair it with (besides black) to get more visual oomph next time?  I’m getting excited now by all the shatter polish possibilities.  I’m wondering what they come out with next!


Disclaimer:  I bought this polish with my own money.


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  1. Janine says:

    What brand from is your blue polish? 🙂

    1. Whoops. I should have mentioned that. It’s by a company called Misa. They make AMAZING quality polishes if you can get your hands on them. I think the color is called “Blue over a Boy” if memory serves.

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