Dark Nail Polish: Chanel silver

Chanel’s recent Spring nail polish was reputedly inspired by black pearls (hence the creative name “Black Pearl”).  Have you ever had a chance to look at the interplay of colors on real black pearls?  They’re spectacular –  the color seems to always be changing as you move.  I was intrigued to see if Chanel would actually be able to capture the multi hued inkiness of genuine black pearls, so I had to investigate.

When one thinks “Spring”  images of steel,  graphite, and deep space don’t usually come to mind.  Spring is a time to usher out the grey drudgery we’ve grown accustomed to and spruce up the place with some color.

So fresh. So SPRING!

I love that Chanel decided not to follow the cohort of the fashion industry who insist on playing it safe;  seasonally serving up yet another platter of boring pastels around this time.   Zzzzz.  While I don’t think I’ll choose to wear this color to the beach, I actually appreciate its inappropriateness.

Chanel - Black Pearl

Chanel did a pretty bang up job on this one.  The color on my nails reads like steel on my computer, but in real life there is a fine multicolored shimmer in the mix that changes in the light, injecting some personality into what would otherwise be a flat dark metallic polish, rendering Black Pearl quite unique and special.

Black Pearl - see the blue/purple micro shimmer? (Ignore my thumb nail. I'm wearing a different polish in this photo.)

Here it is again from another angle.  I was able to pick up more of a green shimmer in this photo(above).

It was so difficult to capture the colored shimmer and do it justice.    You can kind of see some blue peeking through, but you’re not getting much of the green in the pictures –  sorry guys.  I do think I did a good job of showing the polishes overall luminosity (see above).  It reminds me a bit of peering through ice on a deep lake.

Just a warning (for those that care):  Black Pearl is not a man pleasear.  My boyfriend gave it a swift thumbs down because he thought it looked too  harsh.   I’m normally skipping around the house sporting bright uplifting colors, so this was a bit of a shock to the system for him.   Sadly he didn’t seem to care that it applied like a dream or that the finish was sublime.   I love it anyway (for Fall) and will be keeping it in reserve for evenings out!

So what do you guys think of this shade?  Appropriate for Spring or not so much?


Disclaimer:  I bought this polish with my own money!


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