Best of Esty: Crafting Indie Art

I often stumble across random gems on  It’s a virtual  hand crafted treasure trove of wonderment.  If you’re willing to spend some time browsing you’re likely to find something totally unique that tickles your fancy and enlivens the senses.

Bottoms Up


Do you have a problem stretching that bottle of wine when thirsty company comes a callin?  Kiva Ford (etsy artist extraordinaire) has a solution to your dilemma.  Pull out this wee bottle and cheerfully raise a miniature hand blown wine glass with friends.  They’ll be moved to see you caring so much about their livers and you’ll quickly find that hosting a party is cheaper and more affordable than you’d ever imagined.  Now that’s crafty crafting.

Sucker Punk

ArtAkimbo - Tentacle: $75.00 US

Seriously.  Who DOESN’T want some tentacle action exploding out of a portal on their wall?!  I didn’t know how badly I wanted this piece until I first saw it last week and started imagining its potential in my home.   (Do they make toilet roll holders?  I feel a bathroom makeover coming on.)    As I ponder the conversation starting possibilities and the amusing jokes I’d tell at parties, nothing else quite measures up in terms of visceral impact.

How awesome would this wall art be if you lived in the tropics…or better yet, on a BOAT!  Gawd.  Imagine how welcoming a few of these, artfully arranged in your guest bedroom (or cabin), would make visitors feel?  Drop in moochers, who linger around uninvited on extended vacations, will quickly become a thing of the past.

Wall Tentacle - $1,200.00 US

If you feel YOUR tentacles retracting in horror at the price, think of the coolness factor, the artistry involved and the money saved by possibly having less mouths around to feed.

I cede the point

It’s HARD to admit when you’re wrong.  The words flay your soul raw and taste bitter on the tongue coming up.  If you own one of these applique word pillows though you can just throw it at the superior mind that bested you, admit that you’ve been defeated and never actually say a word.    You’ll feel smug, your opponent will be effectively silenced, and your life force won’t be depleted by the exchange.   It’s the perfect communication tool for any relationship and a must have for work.  It’ll be the best $75.00 you ever spent.

Recycled felt applique pillow - $75.00 US
Recycled felt applique pillow - Priceless

Boys… to Men

Sterling Silver Optimus Prime Ring - $524.99

Best believe that 30 something men everywhere are peeing themselves looking at this ring.    I personally know males who have erected hallowed transformer shrines over their fireplaces  and I’ve recently witnessed speed daemons whizzing by on the highway, resplendent in their brightly colored Honda’s and Subaru’s, with this horsepower boosting insignia plastered all over their cars.    It’s a potent masculine symbol honoring youth,  power, and body morphing awesomeness.

The coolness factor just shot through the roof!

Tip:  Wanna know if you’re dating a bad apple?  Look at his car.  Do you see a smiling Decepticon insignia flagrantly displayed on the drivers side?  Yes?  Whoops.   You’ve grievously erred in your choice of  mate.   Go for a moral, Autobot wielding softie when you’re actually serious about settling down.

He can't tell you with words, but he'll show you with pictures.

This is what you want.  (See below)  Look for the sad faced crying robot decal, and you’ll know you’ve found one of the good guys; someone disinclined to taking risks, eager to emote feelings and thus – worthy of your time, commitment and emotional energy.

"Autobots: Buckle up for safety! Now, let's ride."

Goldilocks Revenge

Grizzly Bear Bean Bag - $159.00 US

This is just adorable, and totally brilliant.   I don’t know why I ever entertained the idea having a plain Pier One  bean bag chair in my living room.  This raises the bar significantly, elevating my expectations about what I can now anticipate from a sack filled with Styrofoam beads.

In the privacy of my own home I can recline on my own personal power symbol, while pretending I’m a brunette Goldilocks, out to score multiple bowls of porridge for breakfast (preferably with cinnamon and brown sugar, cuz that’s how I roll).  Pinning a large slumbering Grizzly to the floor with my rear will be an awesome affirmative way to start off the morning.   Booyah.

Log Bolster Pillow - $68.00 USD

To further compliment your rustic decor you have the option of  stocking up on some of these unique log pillows for your couch.   I’d have preferred baby bear pillows or thick tree trunks gouged with claw scratches  (they’d go better with the snoozing Grizzly) but I appreciate the uniqueness.    They do kind of make me worry that a giant beaver might be loose in the basement, gnawing on the support beams, but they’re still super cool.

Hope you enjoyed browsing my little cache of unique etsy items.


Where to buy:

Miniature Wine Bottle and Glasses from kivaford:

Wall Tentacles – from ArtAkimbo:

“You’re Right” Pillow – from alexandraferguson:

Optimus Prime Ring – from MAVAstyle:

Grizly Bear Pillows and Log cussions


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