Lip Balm Reviews – Tinted Red

Summer is coming up and I’ve been on the lookout for a juicy red tinted lip balm to add a sheer wash of natural color to my lips.  When you’re luxuriating out in the sun the last thing you want is for your skin to feel smothered  by cosmetics.  Sheer and light is the name of the game.

I was thrilled to find two bright red colors that fit the bill and really flatter – and they’re from Covergirl, a brand I don’t usually even glance at.  Observe:



SPF 15 - perfect for Summer

Their range of colors are impressively current (they have a bright orange shade), plus the formulation was moisturizing and didn’t just sit on top my skin like I’m used to with cheaper products.

Naturelux balm - anemone

I found the balm wore quite nicely and faded off evenly, leaving behind just a hint of pinky red.  The SPF 15 is much appreciated and officially elevates this product to perfect summer beauty balm!   Thumbs up Covergirl.

Anemone - sunlight photo

I ended up buying two shades – Anemone (seen above in all the photos) and Peony (seen below).  Anemone is an awesome slightly orange toned red that actually looks really natural on the lips.    Peony is more of a blue based red and is equally beautiful.  I will wear them both frequently.

225 anemone (left) 220 peony (right)
225 anemone (left) 220 peony (right)

The formulation is definitely sheer and you have to run the balm over your lips several times to build up the color, but it’s a tinted lip balm – they’re supposed to go on like this.

Tip:  When choosing a shade keep in mind that the color in the tube will go on a lot lighter on the skin.  Buy a richer more vibrant shade than you think you need if you can’t swatch these beforehand.

They had a gorgeous bubblegum pink shade I was considering buying too, but when I tried the tester out on my hand it went on clear, so I’d give the really light shades  a miss if I were you (unless you want a clear gloss with SPF).

Have you tried these out yet?  You should be able to find them for under $9.00 Canadian.   (Shoppers Drug Mart has testers – Walmart did not.)  Were you as impressed as I was by the color choices?


Disclaimer:  I purchased these products with my own money.


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  1. Lizy. says:

    interesting…… where can i buy these products. Am in bangalore. pls reply ASAP.

    1. I only know where they are available in Canada. I find them at Shoppers Drug Mart and Walmart. Maybe you could try searching on ebay?

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