Chocolate Perfume

I believe that chocolate is good for the soul.   In-fact, me and my Grandmother have a history of taking chocolate medicinally to cure what ails us.   There is no emotional crisis that can’t be resolved by mindlessly choking down a box of truffles in the dark.

Wasn't me.

Chocolate’s restorative properties are legendary (even if only in our own minds)  and its capacity to expand waist lines is sadly undeniable.   I plan for weak moments over holidays by slavishly exercising a month beforehand to prep for the savory onslaught.

Thankfully I have discovered a way to get a chocolate fix without padding my thighs and feeling guilty.  Yes people – it’s possible!  My heaven sent solution?  Chocolate perfume.   Could there BE something more perfect sounding?   It’s like the gods heard my depraved cocoa cries and decided to extend a benevolent hand of low calorie comfort.

Chocolate Greedy by Montale

Chocolate Greedy is a gourmand fragrance by a perfume house called Montale.  It’s unique to my nose due to its warm vanilla drenched milk chocolate base.  Usually when a perfume lists chocolate as a note it’s dark chocolate that they’re referring to.  I find that the cold dusty aroma of  dark chocolate doesn’t work with my chemistry, so I’ve been actively looking for something warmer smelling.

Chocolate Greedy delivers.  It begins with a burst of bitter orange and hazelnuts.  The citrus element only lasts for a few minutes, so don’t let it turn you off if you’re not an orange fan.  Quickly this chocolate scent shirks off its citrus mantle, closes ranks and sinks into your skin, reigning in its olfactory aura.   It then starts to waft up to your nose, beginning the hypnotic incantation for its mouth watering spell.

On my skin Chocolate Greedy smells exactly like a Caramilk bar.  I presented my chocolate scented wrist to my boyfriend and he said I smelt like hot chocolate.  (My nose is better – this is straight up Caramilk!)   There is chocolate and caramel wrapping its way around my wrist in equal measure and it’s divine.  After a few hours the scent looses its rich heat and morphs into something more sugar candied, like cocoa marshmallows.

I thoroughly enjoy this perfume and the only problem I ran into occurred when I went out for a walk.  The delicious scent the breeze picked up and weaved around me smelled like I was hoarding a cache of chocolate bars on my person.  I’m worried that people won’t think “What a novel, beautiful perfume” and instead I’ll get  “Wow, someone just scarfed down a bucket of  chocolate!”  I have to decide if I care.

Chocolate Greedy 100% appeases my chocolate cravings.  Who knew that merely smelling something delicious like this could be so satisfying.  I don’t know if I’d need a large bottle of it because I can’t see myself wearing it often, but I’d definitely like a small supply so I can douse myself in chocolate when I’m at home in need of comfort.

Notes in Chocolate Greedy: moka bean, bitter orange, cacao cream and vanilla from Madagascar

You can purchase this scent or order samples at: (although it’s back ordered at the moment)

So, would you wear a perfume that made you smell like a chocolate bar?  Are you intrigued or would you rather eat your chocolate rather than smell it on your skin?


Disclaimer:  I purchased this perfume sample with my own money!


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  1. Recipe Chefs says:

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    1. I’m glad you found it of interest. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  2. SMS says:

    Remarkable writing. I’ve been reading online articles for many days but to tell the truth I never got so fascinating post to read out unlike yours.And yes i have book mark your site

    1. Comments like this keep me motivated to keep writing. I’m glad you’re finding my posts useful. You just made my day!

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