Change Your Looks: The Wig

Ever feel like taking a vacation from yourself and stepping out as someone else for an evening?  The ability to change your looks is easier than one might think!  I have been experimenting with wigs lately and it’s amazing how the right one can transform your face, drastically altering your appearance.  I’m going to use two celebrities for inspiration as I try to create a different look for myself; first with a black wig and then a blond one.  Here we go!

Lady Gaga


My favorite brand of wigs at the moment are by a company called Risque.  The wig I’m using is called Bliss and it comes in about 15 different colors that are heat friendly, except for the “fun color” versions (which kind of makes them un-fun, right? I don’t get it.)

I like Risque wigs because they fit much better than other ones I’ve purchased previously.  I guess my head is big because the Jessica Simpson line won’t stay on my noggin and pop off in embarrassingly short order.

Okay, now on to the transformation!

-Black Wig-

<drum roll> Here I am before:

Me = Meghan

And here is me after with the black (R1) Bliss wig on + Katy Perry themed makeup:

I have a tube top on - it's just not visible!


Fun right?  I love how the dark hair color makes everything look more intense and dramatic.

– Blonde Wig-

Lady Gaga has been seen rocking the whole short wig thing too.    I don’t recommend flashing your floppy black taped boobs to the world like she is doing below (love you Gaga), but you can easily channel her attention seeking “incognito” style with a bra, sunglasses and a fun lip color.

Lady Gaga - Short blonde bob
Lady Gaga makeup - pick one feature and dramatize it!

Here I am below in a blonde Bliss wig.  The makeup I did for the Katy Perry look seemed to work well for a Lady Gaga too, so I kept it the same.    I think it helps to show you how wildly different you can look with only changing one element of your appearance:

Here is the same wig but with a more natural makeup look:

Same wig - different makeup and lighting

Here’s me with a Jessica Simpson wig on.  It fits kind of tight so I never wear it:

Jessica Simpson Wig

See how different my features look in a blonde vs a black wig?  I love these things!


So guys, do you enjoy changing your look up every once in a while?  What hair color do you turn to when you want to be someone different for a day?  (I’m tempted to get a pink and blue wig next!)

Wigs used in this demonstration can be purchased online at: (Tip: this store holds great sales, especially around holidays. )

Disclaimer:  I purchased these products with my own money!


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