Metal Couture Jewelry – 2011 Etsy Artisian Collection

Chandelier Earrings – Metal Couture Jewelry

I wanted to introduce my readers to an amazing Australian artist I stumbled across recently.  His  name is William Llewellyn of Metal Couture Jewelry and his Gothic high end couture creations are epic.   Seriously, I have not been in awe of someones metal working abilities like this for a long time.

The originality and attention to detail displayed  in his more grandiose creations blows me away.  I mean, check out his Chandelier Earrings up above!  I almost feel like I have to have them to be complete as a human being, and damn the price.  I’m mentally going through my wardrobe and in my mind they’re fitting perfectly with every single outfit I own!    My credit card is quivering in my fingers and I’m gnashing my teeth as I resist their allure;  wishing I had a disposable jewelry income that could accommodate the $1,500.00 asking price.

I must...resist!!

Yes, these aren’t cheap (you should see  his gold version), but they sure are dazzling and awe inspiring.   When browsing through his work I feel like I’m looking at pieces that belong in a museum so we can ooh and ah over the lucky kings and queens who got to bedeck themselves in these baubles.

Poison Ring - $3,500.00 USD

I would have done cartwheels if I had received this Poison Ring with a love note for valentines day folded up inside.  <sigh>  Just sayin’…

Now this is impressive (see above).   It’s like a silver sculpture to honor your favorite finger.   No more leaving your art at home to gather dust on a shelf people – if you’re diligent about exercising your biceps ahead of time, you can take this out with you each and every day and strike awe and envy into those you meet.  Signing checks and swiping your visa card  will never feel quite the same again.

I can see myself in a Gothic vampire love story with this cathedral on my fingers.  I’d strain dramatically for the cameras as I  raise my hand to direct my minions to do my bidding:

Cathedral Ring with Moonstone - $3,500.00

If these prices make you clutch your chest in pain, never fear!  He offers a  range of items to accommodate varying budgets.  My favorite are a segment of Williams more affordable sterling silver pieces which seem inspired by sailors and their tattoos.  All the traditional motifs are present in his work:  Swallows, skulls, muskets, ships  and hearts pierced with swords etc.

Sterling Silver Sailing Ship Necklace - $800.00

I get a kick out of this necklace and the hefty pendant up above.  I’m imagining how awesome it would be with a red and white tank top paired with a dark denim skirt this Summer!

This chunky ring is cute too. Check out the little sculpted waves at the bottom and how it looks like the ship is surging out of the sea.  Love!    I’m wondering if it would fit my fingers or if it was designed more with a man in mind.   Nevertheless, it’s in my “favorites” section on and I fully intend to come back and buy it when the money Gods are feeling in a kind/generous mood towards me.

I wrote to William several weeks ago asking some questions and expressing admiration for his work and he was quick to reply, so thumbs up to this customer service!

Metal Couture Jewelry can be found online at:

So what do you guys think?  Are you in awe like I am?  If you own some of his art I’d love to hear about your individual pieces.  Pictures would be awesome!  He’s definitely on my “I want to buy from this artist” list, so maybe I’ll do a follow up post down the road, flashing my newest bauble for the camera.



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  1. Peter TYrrell says:

    A great blog. Your writing style compels me to read and enjoy topics that I would have not usually have considered. I will stop by again soon.

    1. I’m glad to hear it! I aim to please. 🙂

  2. Lisa Herrera says:

    fantastic blog Meghan! interesting, fun, informative!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Lisa! I appreciate the feedback. 🙂

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