The Harbinger of a Break Up

So I picked my boyfriend up on Friday from an appointment and as he got into the car he handed me this saying “Happy Valentines Day!”  He’d clearly bought it from a bake sale on his way out the building.

Cupcake in a box
Look how it sparkles

Two things hit me immediately1)  The poverty of the gift  and 2) That it wasn’t Valentines day.   I wasn’t sure how to respond.  Did he know it wasn’t Valentines day, but had simply picked me up a snack because he was being thoughtful (which is so sweet and worth encouraging) or did he see a table full of cupcakes with hearts on them and think “Oh, yeah!  It must be Valentines day.  Let me just snap this up and cross my gift giving obligation off my list.”  Do I still get to anticipate some special heartfelt gesture on Valentines day or is this boxed cupcake my singular love token?   I casually mentioned that it wasn’t Valentines day YET but he just went “Oh, really?”  and wasn’t very forthcoming.

Once home I nibbled on the sugary confection, blinking rapidly and smiling like an idiot at the wall, as I thought about this occurance in greater depth.

It tastes like wax and sugar

What I don’t think he realized is that boxing a cupcake doesn’t really elevate it to gift status in my mind.  I bake gourmet vegan cupcakes for him at home every weekend, so this seems a little  lacking in the romance department.   My internal cheer leading squad didn’t know how to rally for this one and kind of wandered away embarrassed, leaving me  scratching my head.   I have to admit – as pimped out as this cupcake is,  for Valentines Day I was hoping for more.

I suppose many men and women are in my shoes this time of year and are receiving perplexing valentines day gifts that leave them cold.   No problem.  I see your cupcake (gifted on the wrong day) and I raise you a pair of plaid flannel pants paired with a old baggy t-shirt, unbrushed frizzy hair, full bottom granny panties and a no makeup day.   Ah, the  cottony comfort and relaxed waist bands – the freedom!   I’m beginning to see why women are so drawn to cats.     I’ll be cuddling with the felines this February 14th as I ponder the merits of  dating myself and embracing a disappointment free future.

Good luck to the rest of you! 😉


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