A Coral Lipstick For Cool Girls

Up for review today is a Cool Coral lipstick I recently ordered from a company called 3 Custom Color Specialists (3CC for short).  I only recently discovered this cosmetics line, so its products are fairly new to me.   My fellow makeup artist friends were raving about some of the 3CC products they have in their kits, so – worrying that I was missing out on something big, I decided to start ordering some 3CC products and commence with some experimentation.

3CC groups their makeup into cool and warm categories so ordering the right shade is pretty straightforward.  I definitely fall into the cool category, so I chose a lipstick color that I normally have a hard time rocking: Coral.   Usually this shade is the opposite of flattering on me, so I thought it was a great challenge to issue to this new line.  “Give unto me a wearable shade of coral that doesn’t make me look ill!”  They answered two weeks later when this arrived in the mail:

Cool Coral


My first impression was, “Hmmm.  This isn’t like any coral I’m used to.”  Which, upon reflection, is a good thing in my case since the corals I’m used to sit on my lips screaming “We don’t belong here!”  and end up unused at the bottom of my makeup bag.  This coral seemed to have more cherry pink in it’s base vs bright orange and I have to admit it looks much better on my cool skin than anything I’ve tried previously.

Here are some of the swatches in different lighting to help show the color more accurately:

(The first is the most true representation of the Cool Coral lipstick.)   On application I found this lipstick went on matte with a semi opaque finish.   If you love this color, but want more pigmentation,  you might want to mix in a teeny tiny bit of concealer in with the lipstick .  If you like a sheerer more natural finish then simply enjoy right out of the tube.   Here is a picture with just the lipstick applied on my lips with a lip brush:


I’m not a big fan of matte lipsticks as I find my lips get dry, especially during the harsh Canadian winters.    My solution was to line my lips in 3CC’s cool pink lip liner pencil, and then add a touch of  clear lip gloss over the Cool Coral.   Here it is after I made my minor adjustments:


Cool Coral + Cool Pink Lip Liner + Clear Gloss

I officially LOVE this color.  I think they did a great job of making a wearable coral for those of us who have cooler skin tones.   What I was especially excited about was what it did to my blue eyes.  I think it really helps make them pop!   Here I am  with just the Cool Coral lipstick on:



So what do you guys think of this color?  Have other cool skinned brethren out there had success finding a wearable coral lipstick?   Have you tried out any products from 3 Custom Color Specialists?  Do tell…

Cool Coral Lipstick


Disclaimer:  All product featured were purchased with my own money!




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  1. Sue says:

    Great descriptions, very helpful, and excellent photos.

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